Super Smash Bros Betting Guide

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Super Smash Bros became a reality on January 21, 1999, when the first game of the series was released. The game was designed for a relaxing and fun experience and was not meant for competitive gaming at all. However, the later installments featured advanced and upgraded features, improved movements, and much more. It wasn’t until Super Smash Bros Melee the franchise entered the esports scene. Today, in our Super Smash Bros Betting Guide, we’ll be talking about some important things you need to keep in your mind.

Super Smash Bros Betting Guide

The latest installment in the series, Super Smash Bros Ultimate was released on December 7, 2018. The game is considered as the best of the series, and it was praised for the amount of content it featured. In addition to this, many critics claimed that the game enhanced the existing Smash gameplay elements. The game is also the best-selling fight game of all time as it has sold more than 14.7 million copies.

Super Smash Bros Betting Guide

It’s not a surprise that many betting sites picked Super Smash Bros. Although its esports scene isn’t as big as other esports games such as Overwatch and League of Legends, there are still many betting sites available that offer Super Smash Bros Markets.

Available Markets

As Super Smash Bros is new to the betting scene, you won’t be able to find a lot of markets for it. Chances are that you will most likely come across two major markets, the Tournament Winner and Match Winner. As for the Tournament Winner, this is where you will be able to place a bet on the team who you think will win the tournament. As for the match-winner, you’re simply betting on the winner of the match.

What To Do Before Placing A Bet

The best thing to do before placing a bet on a team or player is to properly research everything. The most basic mistake you can make is betting on the favorite team/player. Although it is obvious to place a bet on the favorite team, you will sometime have to go with someone else. In the past, we have seen new players defeating experienced players by a great margin.

Super Smash Bros Betting Guide

To make sure you’re betting on the right team, you should check how many tournaments the team has won, how they have been performing lately, and if they have any favorite tournament or not. All of this can help you with increasing your profits.

Best Betting Sites

As for the betting sites, we will suggest you choose from the following ones.

  • Betway
  • GG.Bet
  • Arcanebet
  • Bovada

All four sites are really amazing. You will also receive various rewards and bonuses once you sign up with them. For instance, if you create an account on Betway, then you will get rewarded with a free $50 bet. Similarly, on GG.Bet, new accounts get a 100% bonus on their first deposit.

The esports scene of Super Smash Bros is really strong and it will keep on growing. You can expect to see some major tournaments in the coming months. More tournaments simply mean more betting opportunities. We hope that our Super Smash Bros Betting Guide helped you with learning more about its betting scene.

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