Rainbow Six Siege Betting Tips and Guide

Rainbow Six Siege betting tips and guide

Rainbow Six Siege is a very complex shooter and requires you to strategically plan your bets. Of course, you can always guess the winner and hopefully, win the bet. However, it is more appropriate to develop an analyzed Rainbow Six Siege betting system.

Your Rainbow Six Siege bet should be based on the systematic analysis of the formation of the team, the form, the previous results, and other factors. We can assure you that the game can be made predictable to a certain extent. But which types of bets are right for you? And which strategies are recommended?

Region winner

In this Rainbow Six Siege betting market, you will simply pick the winner of a regional tournament. Before investing in this bet, we recommend you to comprehensively study the teams and the players. Keep an eye on the transfers taking place all year long.

Map winner

Just like CS: GO, Rainbow Six Siege comes with a variety of maps. Be sure to check out the map pool of the tournaments since the change with the game updates.

Tournament finalist

In this market, you don’t bet on the winner of the competition but rather on the team who will reach the final. This market usually has decent odds and is quite popular among the rookies of the Rainbow Six Siege betting community.


It is the oldest market in eSports betting. Here you simply pick a winner of a match between two teams. Just simply look at the recent stats and team changes before picking out your winner.

Correct score

This is one of the most popular markets in eSports. Since here you predict the scoreline of the game and also pick the winner. This bet comes in play when the matches are taking place in a series and provides exciting odds.

When it comes to picking up an eSports bookmaker, you should pick reliable payment methods where your transactions are secure. The method you pick should be User-friendly and with just a few clicks you should be able to make real money transactions for Rainbow Six Siege bets online. Lastly, when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals you do not want to wait for your real money. Let’s see which payment options fulfill this criterion.


PayPal is a free eWallet where you pay by e-mail address and password. You can use a variety of other means of payment in your digital wallet. Deposited balance is immediately available and you can receive money at effective costs.

Credit card

With your credit card, you can make real money transactions quickly and safely. Security measures and the high acceptance of credit cards at online eSports providers speak for this payment method.


Neteller is another popular eWallet payment service provider with free account management. Payments are possible in both directions and you can link multiple payment methods to Neteller.


You can buy the Paysafecard prepaid card at various amounts online. The deposit is made by PIN entry and your credit will be immediately booked on your betting account. The method is fast, secure, easy and does not require another form of payment.

Bank Transfer

Many online Rainbow Six Siege betting providers offer this service. You can also make a normal transfer from your checking account. The only downside is the relatively long booking period.


With a MasterCard, you can both deposit money into your betting account and receive your winnings. Deposited balance is immediately available and many bookmakers support MasterCard payments.


Even VISA credit cards enjoy high acceptance and allow you to make very safe and convenient real-money transactions for your sportsbook online. You can use your deposit amount immediately through a Visa transaction.

Finding a reliable bookmaker

Since there are many other providers beyond the traditional websites we strongly advise you to compare them. The following factors can help you in your evaluation:

  • Seriousness
  • Variety of betting offers
  • Odds
  • Support and security
  • Bonuses


As soon as you deal with various betting providers, you quickly notice which platforms have established themselves and will offer their services seriously. Be cautious, especially when dealing with online transactions and sensitive data, because many loopholes are hidden on the internet.

Variety of Rainbow Six Siege betting offers

The variety of betting offers is an important feature of a bookmark. It is not just about how many eSports titles are covered, but also how many different types of bets are available to you. You should choose a provider that covers many Rainbow Six Siege betting options.

Rainbow Six Siege Odds

The experts of eSports determine the odds. These vary depending on the provider and are therefore a decisive factor when choosing your bookmaker.

Support and security

Reputable websites offer support and service options. Especially since this is about your money, the provider should be available for questions and inconsistencies. In the best case, the platform offers multiple ways to address your issue like emails, 24/7 chat, and telephone services.

Possible bonuses

Some providers guarantee a start credit when registering or offer you a bonus payment. This is the so-called new customer bonus. For most, the bonuses are around 50 € -100 €. Especially as a beginner, you can get along with low self-payment and test out the games and strategies with smaller amounts.

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