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Introduction to PUBG Betting

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, more commonly abbreviated as PUBG, is one of the most popular games of all time.  It’s a battle royale-style free-for-all, which pits 100 players against each other on a huge island, where they have to scavenge for weapons and gear, and contend with a progressively decreasing play area size, herding them closer and closer together as they seek to be the last man standing.  There are three different game modes, including Solo (free-for-all, every man for himself), Duo (teams of two, allowing you to revive your fallen teammate, and the last team of two standing wins), and Squad (like Duo but with 4 player teams).

Competitive eSports activities and tournaments for PUBG are still relatively new, and because of the nature of the game, it’s really only on these tournaments that any kind of cash betting can be done or makes sense.  There are far too many variables in an average game, and the established competitive circuits need more matches before data on squads and odds can be reasonably made.  As such, the cash PUBG betting scene is fairly limited to only major competitions and leagues, rather than daily matches as you’ll find in other eSports titles.

That’s not to say that there’s any shortage of PUBG betting, however.  It simply takes a different form – the gambling of skins, cosmetic items that don’t impact game play, but are highly-prized vanity items available from randomized loot crate drops or purchases.  These form the currency of PUBG online betting.  PUBG eSports betting for skins is similar to other games’ skin betting, in that the actual games or ways to win are arbitrary games, and not tied to performance of a player or team in a match of the actual PUBG game.  We’ll tell you more about that later in our guide to PUBG betting tips.

How and Why Did PUBG Betting Become so Popular?

PUBG is not even two years old, but has sold close to 25 million copies worldwide.  By most metrics, it’s the second-best-selling game of all time.  The familiar battle royale genre, coupled with unique game play mechanics and a massive map, have resulted in a game that’s easy to learn, hard to master, with a lot of chance and randomness, and a lot of good fun.

It’s essentially a single-player game, though the Duo and Squad options do afford some limited teamwork.  Still, the overall performance of a Squad, for instance, can vary a lot from game to game.  A match would include 25 Squads of 4 players each, meaning brackets, advancement, and other factors present a mind-boggling number of possibilities.  This is different than games like CS:GO, for instance, in which there are only 2 teams in a given match, making up the two sides of the game, and a much more straightforward set of betting possibilities.

With that said, the opportunity to play Solo, Duo, or Squaded, largely as casual players, is still the most popular way to experience the game.  Being part of a competitive tournament team is not at all required to get the most out of the PUBG experience, and really has no bearing on PUBG betting, either.  There’s no skilling up or training a character required to play, either, so it’s very accessible to new players.

The Basics of PUBG Online Betting

In terms of PUBG betting, skin betting sites offer between one and four of the sanctioned standard games of chance.  This may involve actual wagers of skins or coin currency (BP).  PUBG betting sites take a commission or rake from the various games of chance, which is how they earn money, and the odds available to an individual player in each game are fairly straightforward, as we’ll outline below.


Players use their skins and loot as a wager to create an overall jackpot for all of the players in that particular PUBG betting round.  Depending on the value of the items that you wager, the odds are calculated, with more significant wagers increasing your odds to win.  A random spin or number generator is used to determine a winner from all entrants, weighted based on those odds.  The jackpot (all the wagered items from all players minus a rake) goes to the winner, with losers getting nothing.

Coin Flip

Players bet head-to-head, with a 50% chance of winning based on a coin flip.  This can be for skins/loot, crates, or a set amount of coin.


PUBG skin betting sites offering roulette have different variations, odds, and so on.  However, the game itself works similar to real casino roulette.  You wager on different colors or numbers, or both, with different payout odds.  Most often this is done with coins rather than directly with skins (coins can be used to purchase loot crates which have randomized drops for skins).


Perhaps the most unique form of PUBG betting, Crash allows players to wager, then play proceeds by showing a “win rate” number or multiplier, which slowly increases over time.  You cash out by hitting the “stop” button whenever you choose, and earn the amount of the win rate times your wager.  However, the game will randomly end (crash) based on a random timer.  If you haven’t cashed out before the crash, you lose your wager entirely.  It’s basically a game of chicken against a computer algorithm, with bigger risk (staying in longer) paying bigger reward.

PUBG Betting Tips

Some of the basics to consider in terms of PUBG betting tips include:

  • Know your intent. Do you want to directly wager skins and loot, or would you rather increase your coin balance, and then gamble on the random loot drops you can purchase with those coins?
  • Start with safer bets. A Coin Flip bet gives you the best chance of winning at 50%, dead even with the one other participant.
  • Newbies should avoid Jackpot betting. It can be tempting, but remember, it’s all about odds.  You could put up skins valued significantly higher than all other players, having the best odds of winning – and lose.  That can be devastating when you have a limited coin balance and few skins to your name.
  • Compare odds and payouts offered on different Roulette options from different PUBG betting sites. Many offer progressive odds including payouts of 10, 15, 20, 25, or even 30x on some bets.  Of course, these are higher risk bets, but do your homework and compare what you can win and your odds of winning.
  • Crash can be a good way to increase your coin balance. Just don’t be too greedy – better to cash out on a 1.2x multiplier and earn a modest profit than lose your original bet.

How Do You Choose the Best Betting Sites for PUBG?

Since most PUBG betting sites are focused on PUBG skins, and not formal, cash-based PUBG eSports betting, they’re not necessarily the same as what you’d find with other game titles.  With that said, a lot of the same things you want to consider when choosing the best betting sites for PUBG would apply whether it’s a PUBG skin betting site, or more traditional sportsbook offering cash betting on PUBG.  Considerations include:

  • The reputation and reviews of the site.
  • What kind of rake or commission they take.
  • The odds offered on the different games.
  • What kind of customer service or support they offer.
  • How easy it is to setup an account, bet, cash out, and use their services.
  • How many people use their service – you’re not going to win much if there are no players to play against.


The scene for cash betting on PUBG is still in its infancy, but skin betting is on fire.  PUBG skin betting sites offer the ability for you to wager skins and coins, to ultimately increase your hoard of cosmetic items, coin balance, or both.  Simple games of chance dictate winners and losers, as with many skin betting schemes for popular eSports titles.  Because you don’t need to research teams or players to succeed in skin betting, and a lot of it is luck (and smart betting), many people find it an enjoyable way to extend their PUBG gaming experience, with numerous PUBG online betting sites available today.

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