Overwatch Betting Tips and Guide

Overwatch betting tips and guide

Overwatch is seen as hybrid of MOBA titles, League of Legends or Dota 2 and first-person shooters like Counter Strike or Halo. The game was released on May 24, 2016, under chief developer Jeff Kaplan. Owing to its popularity, it made its way to multiple platforms. Currently, it is available for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. With a top score of 25 million players, in 2016, was also crowned with the “Game of the Year” award.

Why did Overwatch gambling become so popular?

Overwatch league betting has gained exceptional popularity in the gambling world. The best characteristic that makes the betting stand out is that the matches end in a matter of minutes, so you don’t have to wait for hours to know about the outcome of the games. The betting world of Overwatch is quite intriguing, since there are multiple ways to do so which we will discuss later on. The best Overwatch strategies require you to learn about all the fundamentals of the game. You need to know the rules of the tournaments, the heroes played, their abilities and mechanics. This is quite fun as this knowledge provides an edge over your other competitors betting on Overwatch. We will recommend you to take up Overwatch betting as quickly as possible, since it is a new market and the odds are quiet favourable to the winner

Aside from Overwatch, the eSports is a very exciting industry to bet on. Since there are multiple tournaments held every month. The odds of the eSports games are always exciting, since the industry is still in development phase and no one is not sure about the quality of the teams, aside from the most dedicated fans in the community.

Bet Types

Let’s have a look into the popular types of bets in the competitive landscape of Overwatch.

Money Line

As in any other sport, in Overwatch, the most popular bet is the so-called Money Line. In this Overwatch bet, you predict the overall outcome of the opposing teams. If you consider yourself a newcomer to eSports, you should have a flying start and to do so we recommend you to concentrate on this type of bet.

Tournament Winner

In addition to the Money Line bet, you can also pick out the overall winner of the tournament. That this is not a good idea at the moment since the competitive landscape of Overwatch is still under development. It is quite difficult to pick out a tournament winner since so many roster changes are taking place.

Map Winner

Furthermore, Overwatch maps betting market is quite popular. Here you bet on the winner of a single map. However, we will only recommend you to take up this betting market if you know the teams very well and have knowledge on which map the team feels comfortable and holds a tactical advantage.

Over and Under Bets

Over and under bets are gaining more and more popularity in the past few months owing to its unpredictability. Lets have a look at its example, on “Over 2.5 Maps” market is opened in a best of three matches. IN the series, both teams have to win one map each and then they would have to play the third map. However, the bet is lost if a team wins two maps. The number behind the point is always rounded up in handicap betting and can be seen here as “Over / Under 3 Maps”.

Best tips for Overwatch betting

Overwatch betting is not an easy job for someone who is new to the the game. Therefore, for newbies we will provide some tips that will surely help you in your betting endeavours.

You should know that the Overwatch leagues is always making changes. The teams are always signing new players and the developers are consistently making changes to the meta. To win your bets we recommend you to keep an eye on the roster changes so that you will know about the strength and weaknesses of the team you are betting on.  You should also play the game in order to get familiar with the mechanics of the maps, the heroes and their abilities. The odds will fluctuate according to the maps to be played so having an in-game knowledge will surely work to your advantage.

Popular Payment Methods

Some of the most reliable payment methods in Overwatch betting are as follows.


PayPal is one of the most popular means of making payments. Since you can make transactions by simply putting in your password and email address. The costs of receiving money by PayPal are decent and you have instant access to your deposited funds.

Credit Card

One of the oldest and reliable ways to make transactions is through Credit Cards. They are accepted by almost every bookmaker, they are exceptionally secure and the transactions are safe and quick. Owing to these reasons they are the go-to option for payment methods when it comes Overwatch betting.


Alongside, PayPal, another popular eWallet service is Neteller and it comes with free account management. It is quite easy to make deposits and withdrawals by this service and it also comes quite handy when linking it with other means of payments.


The Paysafe cards can be easily purchased from various online platforms. When using this method, you can simply make a deposit into your betting account by PIN codes. This method keeps your identity anonymous and keeps your transactions, easy, secure and safe at the same time.

Bank Transfer

The veteran eSports betting platform offers this service. It is just like a general fund transfer since all you have to do is deposit money from your bank to your betting account. Yet at the same time, the transactions could take a long time depending on the bookmaker.


Just like Bank Transfer, many bookmakers have prepaid MasterCard service available for their members. The funds are instantaneously available to you and you can go on your betting spree. We recommend you to pick this service since it is quite reliable and secure.


Alongside MasterCard, Visa has also gained exceptional popularity in the betting worlds. Since it quite convenient and safe means of payment. Your funds are immediately deposited and withdrawn from your account. It works and only the best bookmakers accept both Visa and MasterCard.

Finding a reliable bookmaker

Over the years a large number of bookmakers have popped up and not all of them are reliable. So, we recommend you to make out the bookmakers after taking the following factors into your account.

  • Infrastructure
  • Overwatch Multiple betting markets
  • Overwatch betting odds
  • Customer support and data security
  • Bonuses


When you start looking for Overwatch bets providers, you should carefully look into the infrastructure of the site. You should evaluate how serious or focused they are in providing their services. We recommend you to check the means of payments, their license. Since the internet is full of frauds these days.

Multiple betting markets

Apart from the traditional Overwatch bets, other options should be available. The best bookmakers are the ones that expand their portfolio by offering plenty of eSports titles and multiple markets so that their members are kept entertained with new offer. You should keep in mind that only the reliable bookmakers will want the best options for their members.

Overwatch betting odds

Odds are one of the key elements to verify the legitimacy of the platforms. The best bookmakers provide almost similar odds. So, we recommend you to pick out the platform of your choice by checking out the ones that follow a similar pattern.

Customer support and data security

The reliable bookmakers will aim to be as much helpful as possible to their members. Therefore, they won’t hesitate to provide multiple services and support options. Since you are trusting them your hard-earned money, they will have to show that they are qualified for your investments. The best platforms 24/7 email and telephone services. They address your problems as quickly as possible.

Possible bonuses

These days bookmakers provide bonuses to attract new members. It has become a trend but all that glitter is not gold and you should always check the term and conditions of these bonuses. The fraudulent bookmakers have impossible terms while the good ones provide decent conditions for you to work with.


The purpose of this article was to share the fundamentals of Overwatch betting. After going through the article, you should know why you are betting on it and where you should invest. You should have keen knowledge about the bookmakers that will be the playing ground of your bets. Lastly, for the best Overwatch gambling tips we will recommend you to look at dedicated eSports sites that been functioning for at least a couple of years.

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