xQc Explains What Ruins His Focus While Streaming


Streamers are something really popular in the gaming world. They are the ones that stream their gameplay, mostly on regular basis, on different platforms. Twitch is home to some of the best streamers in the world. While other platforms such as Mixer and YouTube Gaming are also creating a name for themselves. At the moment, there are many big shots in the streaming world and all of them have a huge following. And one of them is xQc who recently explained what makes him lose focus while he’s streaming.

Who xQc Is?

Regardless of whether you watch him or not, you will have heard of xQc at least once if you’re involved in the streaming world. He has been streaming since some years and has managed to become one of the best out there. He streams in a really unique way that no streamer can compete with. xQc has something that cannot be seen in other streamers as his quick way of speaking is fascinating to watch. Other than this, he’s also really good at the games he plays, and this is why he’s really popular.


For those who don’t know, xQc also used to play competitive Overwatch. In fact, he is considered as one of the best Overwatch players in the world because of his amazing gameplay. Although he has taken a step back from playing competitive Overwatch, the latter still plays it on his stream from time to time. Recently, during one of his streams, he tried to explain to his viewers what happens to his mind while playing Overwatch.

xQc Talks About His Focus Issue

xQc was casually playing Overwatch just like every other day when he was caught out of position and dropped by the enemy team. Right after this happened, xQc decided to talk about the things that are going through his mind that made him loose his focus. According to the streamer, he has this thing in his brain that happens all the time. It makes him think about something and all of his focus goes on it.


To further explain what he means, xQc claimed that he will think about wood, table, then tree, leaf, then water, water inside leaves, and so on. He then starts visualizing all of this in his head and he then looses his focus. The streamer further added that this has nothing to do with streaming or Overwatch, but it still appears in his head.

As soon as he talked about the issue, xQc made a great comeback. He started focusing on the game again and helped his team with capturing the point to win the match. After this, he again talked about the issue and claimed that he gets so many random thoughts while playing. He also often thinks about a car and metal. He then starts wondering about how metal is made.

In any case, this seems like a medical condition and xQc should visit a doctor. Some people in the chat claimed that this is happening to him because of ADHD.

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