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In 2010, the first bet was placed on an eSport game. At the time, this type of bet was something special and only available at Pinnacle Sports at that time. In recent years, however, the eSport scene has grown rapidly and with it, the range of eSport bets have also become versatile. Meanwhile, every major bookmaker has an eSports section that sometimes turns out to be more extensive and sometimes a bit meager.

In general, competitive video games are referred to as eSports. Of course, not every competitive game will make it shine in the eSports scene, but it’s a requirement. Mostly eSports games are strategic with the goal of destroying the enemy base, but also turn-based shooters and more recently a card game is now referred to as eSports.

Most bookmakers have recently added eSports bets to their program and are still inexperienced in this area. As a result, there are some good reasons to place bets on eSports – here are our top tips.

Quotas are created manually with the help of experts and expert opinions often diverge, which often results in high quota differences between the bookmakers. Our tip: registering with different bookmakers pays off.

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Luck plays a minor role in eSports games, the better team wins in most cases. If you look at the comparison with football, you immediately notice something like a winning goal by the worst team in injury time – that’s exactly what eSports does not have! Sure, an outsider can beat a favorite, but they deserve it and takes the win.

Favorites odds are surprisingly high on eSports bets, so you can use combo bets to achieve very profitable overall odds – with minimal risk.

You can bridge the summer break with eSports. Especially in summer, when other sports have seasonal breaks, there are a lot of eSports tournaments that you can bet on.

You do not depend on any live tickers; all major eSports matches are broadcast on platforms like Twitch and Hitbox. Just bet and relax from home. You are not dependent on footage, radio or television broadcasts. You can follow every game online in free live streams.

Many bookmakers are new to eSports sports betting and therefore offer a high betting bonus or free bets on eSports.

A future betting market without eSports is unthinkable. The rapid growth ensures that eSports become a fixed part of sports betting. Dive into the world of eSports betting and grow

Which types of bets are offered?

In addition to the standard 1X2 bet, many bookmakers still have a large variety of special bets in the program. The bet365 eSport section is a good bet for as many betting options as possible. Moreover, Betway eSports offers very unusual odds (e.g. E-Sports to be part of Winter Olympics 2030). A big variation of the betting markets is especially important if the outcome of a game is very obvious and you do not want to bet on the favorite at odds of 1.03 nor on the outsider.

The most common eSports betting markets are:

  • Map winners
  • Handicap
  • Number of rounds (over / under)
  • Number of kills (over / under)
  • First Blood (who makes the first kill)
  • First to 10 kills
  • Winner of the pistol round
  • Team wins at least one map/round

Why should I watch Esports transmissions?

Once you understand the rules of a game, eSports matches are very exciting and attractive to the viewer. Some commentators – most of the broadcasts are in English as well as in other languages- explain a great deal about the details of the game and also allow newcomers to understand and track interest in eSports transmissions. In addition, one can learn one or the other from the pros, if one would like to try sometimes even in eSports. Many of the games can be downloaded and played for free via game clients. Once you become familiar with the game, the fascination begins. In one or the other game, you just pass the heart attack.

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Is it legal to bet on Esports?

Legally, eSport betting is no different from regular sports betting on the internet. Bookmakers get their licenses through regulators and are allowed to offer their odds online. So, if sports betting is not banned locally, then eSport betting is also legal – if you are at least 18 years old, of course.

Esports as a new field for bookmakers

Most of the bookies are on uncharted territory, resulting in part in very high odds ratios and massive odds between bookmakers. This can happen because in the eSport area expert opinions are very often divergent and bookmakers do not buy quotas centrally but create them manually with the help of experts. Esports Insiders can take advantage of this and, with a little research, can sometimes place guaranteed lossless bets. In any case, it pays to register with several bookmakers and watch the odds well.

Rising tournament numbers

It is striking that in the past 2-3 years, the number of tournaments has moved up sharply. For more and more organizations, organizing Esports events is becoming a lucrative business. There are now tournaments throughout the year that you can follow online. This trend is both pleasing and disturbing. On the positive side, entertainment is always provided, teams are given more and more opportunities to win prizes and we can place bets around the year.

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Somewhat more negative is that many forget about the possible overload of the players. Both organizers and eSports associations want to see the teams play and earn something. If the situation evolves like this and players have to “contest” tournaments by contract, in the end, the most important thing could be lost – namely the fun. Wanted or not, Valve counters this. With the extremely high prize money on Dota 2 tournaments, the game maker allows the top teams to focus on the big events. Sure, if you win a tight million dollars at The International in midfield, then you can do without one or another $ 100,000 tournament.

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