Wolf Becomes The Content Creator And Streamer For T1


League of Legends fans will be excited to know that Wolf has decided to make a come back. The latter has once again joined T1. This was officially announced by the organization who welcomed him back. However, he hasn’t returned as a player but is now the full-time streamer and content creator for T1. For those who don’t know, Wolf retired from competitive League of Legends a few months back because he was struggling with anxiety and depression.

Retirement From Professional Scene

In November 2019, Wolf confirmed that he will be officially retiring from the competitive scene of League of Legends. This came as a shock to many of his fans considering he was one of the best players out there. No one could believe that the player who contributed a lot to esports is finally hanging up the keyboard and mouse to back off from the professional League of Legends.

At the time of his retirement, Wolf claimed that he has thought about his decision over and over again and that he even had a change of heart a couple of hundred times a day. He continuously thought about whether he should continue to play as a professional player or not. In the end, he reached the conclusion that his time as a pro player is over. This is why he opted for retirement.

Reasons Behind Why He Left

As many of his fans were wondering why he suddenly left the competitive scene, Wolf decided to lift the curtains from some of his life problems. He also claimed that the reason behind why he’s telling everything is because everyone will understand the problems professional players face. The former League of Legends pro claimed that he has been dealing with a couple of mental disorders, something that is preventing him from enjoying the game. The latter added that since 2017, he has been struggling with depression, adjustment disorder, anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. Unfortunately, he was advised by his psychologist to step away from his current environment.


These things also started bothering Wolf. He mentioned that he has a few regrets as he is leaving the professional seen because of his in-game skills. Leaving it because of health issues is something he never wanted. But he was quick to realize that he should be putting his mental health first before everything. At that time, he did mention that he will still be involved in the League of Legends esports scene. He was thinking about becoming a coach, caster, or a reporter.

Comeback To Esports

Fast forward to this month from November, Wolf has now decided to join T1 as their official streamer and content creator. In fact, he will be working with them full-time. Considering he was one of the best players of his time, we can expect him to deliver some amazing content. A lot of fans will be happy to know this too considering they were awaiting his return. Who knows, maybe he might even think about getting back to playing the game again in the coming months. But for now, let’s just hope that he stays happy with what he’s doing.

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