What does it mean for Esports betting that licenses are getting approved?

It was not until the beginning of 2000 that unofficial eSports World Championships such as the Electronic Sports World Cup, ESWC for short, and the World Cyber ​​Games, WCG for short, were launched. Already more than 15 years later, virtual teams, clubs and other tournaments with real members have established themselves. It is not only worthwhile betting on eSports encounters with average high pay-out ratios for eSports, but also the direct participation as a player.

Winners of eSports tournaments are already waiting for millions of prizes. These developments and financial figures alone show what economic dimensions the eSports branch already offers. And a success in the eSport betting is there in our opinion and eSports experience will only proceed to evolve! Basically, this can be explained by the players and spectators, in short, the bettors. Crowds of spectators who are in the real sports matches of the Champions League or in an exciting league match recorded, can now also be found at important eSports Finals. Entire halls or stadiums are filled and the course of the eSports game or virtual sports encounter can be transferred and experienced via huge monitors with first-class graphics and an overwhelming sound system.

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The tremendous success of eSports betting

Contrary to the extremely fast technical and technological development, which can be regarded as a pioneer of eSports success, the questions on eSports regulation are still largely unanswered in the area of ​​the EU and NA. Last year, the industry-recognized UK Gambling Commission already pointed to eSports regulatory weaknesses. Betting manipulation and the resulting headlines darken the otherwise successful and growth-dominated image of virtual sports. Unlike the regulation of classic online sports betting, eSports is not just about winning money, it’s also about getting skins. Skins are features that can be used to trade and buy money in the eSports gaming world.

Great frowning still raises the question of whether eSports is a recognized sport. The answer becomes more relevant as the tax assessment is classified as a sport or non-sport after classification. The US has legalized eSports betting earlier this year and it really needed to be done.

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Worth of eSports betting market

The unregulated e-sports betting market, largely dependent on a virtual currency called skins, was trading at $ 7.4 billion last year, according to estimates by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming and Narus Advisors. The amount is 12 times higher than that of e-sports betting at regulated bookmakers.

Not all money will migrate – the total includes users who are underage and people who have been playing in parallel markets like the US. About $ 2.2 billion of these bets will easily pass into the regulated world. This shows how much boost in economics can be provided by eSports betting.

Credits: IGN

If eSports competitions really are the next big thing in sports, then betting on eSports will be the next big thing in the betting industry. Therefore, the traditional bookies are preparing for this.

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