Weplay! and Dota 2 teams form Omega League

Omega League

On the 16th of July 2020, WePlay! Esports officially announced the Omega league for Dota 2 esports. The league will feature some of the biggest stars of the Dota 2 professional community. WePlay! Esports partnered with Epic Esports to bring the Omega League. The new league will officially cover America, Europe, and other ranked divisions. 

Omega League

The new Omega league comes with new surprises. The event features a prize pool of $550,000 USD, divided into different regions of the tournament. The tournament also gathers the star teams in the Dota 2 community like Team Secret, Team OG, Team Nigma, and many more. Besides the big names, other teams from North America, Europe, and the CIS region will participate in the league. The tournament will officially last one month, starting from 1st August to 6th September. 

The tournament will have two ranked divisions per region with a shared prize pool. Open and closed qualifiers are available for these positions. For the American region, Ancient and Divine divisions make the tournament. However, for Europe, Divine and Immortal complete the list. 

Format and Prize Pool

Four different tournaments will occur to make it Omega League. Four unique places, prize pool, and skill divisions will be set to make up the stages. Each division tournament connects with each other via a fall-off format. This means that any team in the higher division that falls short in the stages will be dropped to the lower division but not be eliminated. Both Europe and the Americas have one major and one smaller event to make up Omega League.

Immortal Division and Divine

The Immortal Division will consist of twelve teams with a shared prize pool of $500,000. All the teams will go through a round-robbin best of three series. The teams ending up from first to third will move to the playoffs while the fourth and fifth teams will move to the play-in stage. 

The top two teams in the play-in stage will move to the playoffs, while the bottom two move to the divine division. The sixth team in the group stages will also move down to the divine division and another tournament starts with round-robin group stages and eventually best of five finals. 

Europe’s Divine and America’s Ancient Division

The Divine division of Europe has a similar format as above but there is no fall-off scenario. Once again twelve teams compete for a $50,000 USD prize pool. There is no play-in stage for this tournament, which means there is no second chance. The group stage is somehow the same as Immortals’. Only the teams securing from first to third positions stay and all remaining teams will be eliminated. The playoffs consist of double-elimination rounds. 

Just like this, America’s Ancient division is totally identical to Europe’s Divine. The only difference is the number of teams. Only 8 teams compete against each other for a prize pool of $8.5 thousand. 

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