defeats OG at Beyond Epic Dota 2 stunned OG as 2-1 on Sunday in an epic best of three series at Beyond Epic online Dota 2 tournament. The team now stands at the second position in the Group A standings. Moreover, has a tie with the first seed Team Nigma as 3-1. Here are the insights from each game.

Game 1 – Show of

The game 1 favored as OG was forced to call out GG in 33 minutes. From the very beginning, OG lacked a powerful draft. On the other hand, countered every pick very smoothly. Even though lacked lockdown in its draft, Eul’s scepter on Weaver worked like a charm. The team had a clear response to every team fight. Tobi played a very aggressive Weaver that he had 6 kills in just 17 minutes. did not miss any chance of ganking Topson’s Drow Ranger and due to it, he could not manage to enter into the top three net worths throughout the game. In just 23 minutes, they held an 18 thousand gold advantage over OG. The team finally moved to a high-ground push at this time. Even at a 27-minute mark, OG tried to turn around the fight by killing three heroes but soon the game was called as they didn’t let OG have any chance.

Game 2 – OG strikes back

OG turned around better and secured game two of the series. A better draft from the game two let OG engage in better team fights. secured the first blood again and dominated in the first 10 minutes of the game. They had a 3 thousand gold advantage over OG which turned into OG’s favor later on. This gold advantage crossed 20 thousand later in the game. 

Topson played well with his mid lane Vengeful Spirit. His butterfly build helped him stand against Luna’s physical damage and survive the team fights. OG first tried its high ground push at the 30 minutes mark but it was a failed attempt as had to use two buybacks to turn OG around. Eventually, as OG secured Luna’s kill, the opponent tapped out and called GG at 34 minutes. 

Game 3 – Revenge had a better response for OG in game 3. Although OG had a better start and secured the first blood as well, aimed for the end results. Sonic wave from MidOne on the 10th minute was one hell of a show. OG picked Enigma and Queen of Pain to produce a lot of coordinated team fights but replied by picking Earthshaker. 

OG kept leading the gold advantage until the 26th minute but turned the tables around. As Broodmother finished its BKB, it was unstoppable and shattered OG easily. OG didn’t call the game until took down the throne. The game was finished in 32 minutes and Boom ended up as 12-1 with his Broodmother.

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