Valve releases Dota 2 patch 7.27

Dota 2 patch 7.27

As Beyond Epic 2020 came to an end, Valve has released a new Dota 2 patch 7.27. This patch brings a new trend as instead of normal hero modifications, Valve has made major changes to the items this time. Apart from the item updates, the new patch also brings some of the changes to the map. Most importantly, the creep camps are modified. For example, the mid-lane creep camp has now been changed to a smaller one instead of a medium. Similarly, the Prowler camp is taken off the game completely. 

Item Updates

Valve looked deeply into the items and made the necessary changes. The patch heavily ponders upon the item modifications with Valve nerfing some of the strongest items and buffing the items that needed strength. This decision was proly made in order to balance the game even more.


The first and biggest nerf has been given to the most popular item of the previous patch, Necronomicon or Necro Books. Due to the popularity of the item, the new patch removed the Archer Aura of the Necro Books, completely. That’s not just all, the attack damage of the necros has also been reduced and so is the mana regen it provided. Valve has made sure that the popularity of the item definitely comes down and the players must not face Necro Books in each game they queue for.

Blitz Knuckles

The new patch brought some new items into the game as well. Valve introduced Blitz Knuckles in patch 7.27 which provides +35 Attack Speed. The item will definitely be popular as it cost 1000 gold only. Also, the build-up for Monkey King Bar has been changed. The Quarterstaff has now been replaced by Blitz Knuckles to build MKB.

Voodoo Mask

Joining the newcomer’s squad, Voodoo Mask has been introduced in Dota 2 patch 7.27 as well. An item for 900 gold which provides +12% Spell Lifesteal serves a greater cause. Although it can be used individually, the build-up of Octarine Core has been changed and Voodoo Mask has been added to it. 

Support Changes

The new patch brings good news for the support players as well. Valve has constantly been making the game better for the support role. To do so, the new patch has reduced the prize of smoke from 80 to 50. Similarly, the experience giving item, Tome of Knowledge’s price has also been reduced from 150 to 75. That is a straight 50% price cut and there can not be better news for the support players.  Sentry Ward cooldown has also been reduced from 90 to 85 seconds as support players can now plant more wards onto the map. 

The new patch also covers changes in the neutral items. The tier 5 item, Pirate Hat no longer steals the gold as soon as you hit a target, it can now be used to dig a bounty rune every 40 seconds. 

The full patch notes are more extensive and only the important changes are being shared here. If you’re a Dota fan, you must check out the full notes.

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