Valve Discloses the last date of TI10 Battle Pass

TI10 Battle Pass

Valve has decided to move the deadline of the Battle Pass TI 10 further on as Dota 2 faces trouble in matchmaking and coordinator updates. Most of the players are unable to queue for the match as the coordinator keeps on updating and a load on servers keeps getting more. As fewer players are queuing for the matches, Valve has decided to move the Battle Pass expiry date further away. 

The Expiry Date

Valve has announced September 19th, 2020 as the official end date of Battle Pass TI 10. Initially, September 12th was the date of the announcement. However, eventually, Valve extended the deadline due to the lack of matchmaking. 

Usually, Valve never announced the deadline of the BP this much early but this time due to technical issues, Valve has done so. Moreover, fans have always whined about not disclosing the end date of Battle Pass each year as a lot of them argue about not having enough time to recycle most of the items or purchase levels. This year, all the information regarding the end date of the BP is available to players to avoid the hasty purchases. 

Another great news by Valve about Battle Pass TI 10 is that it will be detached from the actual TI event. One portion of the purchases made through Battle Pass will keep adding in the prize pool of the actual event. 

What is Battle Pass?

Each year, Valve releases an in-game compendium known as Battle Pass to promote the biggest tournament of the year “The International”. The prize pool of the tournament totally depends on the purchases and revenues generated through this compendium and multiple features are provided to the fans through Battle Pass. In the past, all the Battle Passes had predictions for the top players, Predictions for the bracket, and some mini fantasy games.

When will we see TI10?

Valve postponed TI10 earlier in April this year due to the circumstances created by COVID-19. Although, fans were excited to think that Battle Pass 10 will keep on until The International. However, it looks like Valve has something else on its mind and they have announced the end date of Battle Pass.

As the BP has the expiry date in September, one can expect that it will not end near the launch of The International. Hence, The International has no good chances to happen this year before September. Similarly, Valve also announced that the tournament might not occur until 2021 with a specified date and location still to be announced. 

Valve has clearly mentioned that any event sponsored by the company won’t take place until the fall of this year. Similarly, later this year, some of the regional leagues will start taking place.

It seems like The International will not take place this year as all the Valve has canceled and shifted all of their sponsored events either at the end of the season or to the next year. Hence, we can expect The International to be happening in the next year.

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