Valorant: Here’s Why CS:GO Players Can Master It Easily


2020 is going to be a great year for esports fans as they will get to see a few new games. Although the coronavirus has managed to delay some of them, we will still play some much-anticipated titles this year. At the moment, the game everyone wants to try out is Valorant. For those who don’t know, Valorant is Riot Games’ first attempt at making a first-person shooter game. It was first announced back in October 2019 with the title “Project A.” Later on, its official name was changed to Valorant.

Valornt Is The Latest FPS

Valorant is currently in its closed-beta stage which went live on April 7. Only a handful of fans have received closed-beta keys, meaning that not everyone can enjoy the game at the moment. Riot also invited several popular players from the esports community on March 27 to test the game. They weren’t allowed to post their gameplay videos on their Twitch channels until April 3rd. But now that the game has entered its closed-beta stage, every popular streamer is streaming it daily on his channel. This has also helped the game become one of the hottest topics in the esports industry. Even before its full release, it has managed to attract the attention of millions of players from all around the world.


How It Is Similar to CS:GO

While Valorant is a new game, it has some similarities to Valve’s popular FPS title, CS:GO. Many players have claimed that they can’t tell a difference between the two games. This is because both of them have similar mechanics and functions. For instance, just like CS:GO, Valorant also has a buy system that allows players to buy a set of weapons at the start of every match. They can purchase them using the in-game currency called credits. Aside from this, there are many weapons that are also similar to the ones found in CS:GO.

Because of all these reasons, it is currently believed that CS:GO players won’t have a hard time while mastering this game. On Twitch, we are even seeing that former and current CS:GO pro players have adjusted to Valorant in only a few days. Former CS:GO pro, Maniac also recently talked about why CS:GO players will dominate Valorant. He claimed that both games are very similar, and it was easy for him to master the basic movement because of the similarity.


Maniac went on to add that it is easier for him and other CS:GO players to get in touch with the game to understand how it works. The major difference players are noticing is agents. Valorant has characters called agents that have unique abilities. These abilities can be either used to take down enemies or to escape crucial situations. Other than that, players are finding it difficult to differentiate between the two FPS games.

When Will It Release?

Currently, we don’t know much about when Valorant will officially release, only that it will arrive sometime during Summer 2020. After that happens, we can expect players to report more similarities between the two games. We can also expect Riot to add more features, or replace some of them before the final release.

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