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In case you don’t know about Dota 2 much, here you can find out almost everything about the game.

Dota 2 is an online battle arena multiplayer video game which is developed by Valve Corporation. The game is designed as a sequel to Defense of Ancients (DotA). The match is played between two teams of five players. And each team occupies and defends their separate base on the map. The players in the game control a powerful character known as a hero and the characters also have special abilities. With their different styles of play, the characters help the players to earn experience points and items for the heroes. As the heroes level up, they become more powerful and the dota 2 betting feature allows the players to win real prizes. By gaining experience and items for the heroes, the players get success in defeating the opposing team in combat matches.

To win the game, a team has to destroy a large structure located in the center of the enemy’s base and called Ancient. Valve has been using the same digital distribution platform for a very long time, i.e. Steam. The game I free-to-play and you don’t need to buy any hero. The revenue is made from the loot boxes, and the battle pass subscription termed as Dota Plus. The Dota Plus feature offers the virtual goods which cannot be altered in the gameplay. The goods include voice-line packs, hero cosmetics, etc.


It is already stated what is the goal of the game, i.e. to destroy the Ancient of the opposing team. The game is controlled using the standard real-time strategy controls and presented in a 3D map. There are 117 playable characters in the game and each player controls one character of their choice. As the heroes have their specific designs, weakness, and strength, they are divided into two categories. The first one is the Carry group and the second one is the Support group. The carries are also called cores as they begin as a normal hero but as they fight in the game, their attacks get powerful and carry their team to victory.

Support heroes lack powerful abilities and can’t deal with the damage. Thus, instead of having more functions, they provide support for their heroes including healing and other buffs. The players can select their hero during a pre-game drafting phase. They can also discuss the potential strategies and hero matchups with the team. Once a hero is selected by the players, they can’t be changed mid-game.

Every single hero has basic damage dealing attack while some have additional powerful abilities. You can assign some specific roles to your hero such as:

  • Carries
  • Disabler
  • Initiator
  • Jungler
  • Support
  • Durable
  • Nuker
  • Pusher
  • Escape

All roles have their pros and cons. As you move ahead in the game, you get familiar with the heroes abilities during the game. The main reason for the popularity of the game is dota 2 betting services.

Item betting is a vital part of the Dota culture. People can trade the items they don’t need for the ones which are required by their characters. The price of the product varies according to its significance in the game. If you are using the Steam Community Market for dota 2 betting, then you are lucky. As they are the official traders of the game items, you don’t have any risk. Steam is completely reliable and trusted market for Dota items.

You can also try out Bitskins for betting. As the items in Dota 2 are also called Skins, Bitskins offers a range of items. So, it can be said for sure that you will find something worthy in the store. Apart from them, you can also watch out Dmarket which is a venue for useful stuff for the heroes. The website provides full security for the transactions, so, you can relax and place the bets.

Usually, dota 2 betting can be pretty confusing for the new players. Even the professional plays dumb moves in the bets as well. But you don’t have to be afraid of losing if you know the game well. So, here are some tips to help you be aware of the risks in the game.

  • Never put all your money on the bet unless you a lot of extra money to waste.
  • Don’t play blind. Relying on untrustworthy sources or the people who claim to be an expert will cost you more.
  • Stay updated with the news, analyze the statistics, learn from the historical data, and keep the current data in mind too.
  • In the beginning, don’t overstep with the bets. You need to start with the smaller ones. In gambling, the accuracy of your bets matters more than the number of bets.
  • When you are starting on a betting platform, give a push start with the free websites to test your betting skills. Once you get a hold of the gambling world, you can move on to the next level.

There are more than enough reasons why eSports is generating so much profit. You will be amazed to know that in today’s world, eSports is earning almost $1 billion and the following of the games is still increasing. With millions of users, viewers, and fans of online games, dota 2 betting has become a very profitable business. And the rapid growth eSports have seen in recent years doesn’t seem to decline any time soon. Even the Olympic committee is raising a concern to add eSports games as a professional sport. However, the violence of Dota or CSGO is a matter of argument.

In the upcoming time, eSports and the gambling combined together will become a huge part in many people’s lives. So, you better know as much as you can about dota 2 betting so that you will succeed in all bets and earn great prizes easily.

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