Ubisoft addresses major issues in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft is at long last beginning to fix significant defects in Rainbow Six Siege. Rainbow Six Siege is experiencing one of its most exceedingly awful stages since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a continuous emergency of hackers and bugs that make the game about unplayable. Ubisoft is attempting to fix issues with extra special care, some of which are as below: 

  • Freezing issues in the Lobby – Lobby freezing happens while in the menu or while stacking into a round, and no availability symbols will show up.
  • DOS On Console  – DOS assaults can be recognized from lobby freezing as they normally happen during the ongoing game and the availability symbols will show up.
  • Hacking/ Cheating

Freezing issues in the Lobby

A few hackers utilize the Lobby Freezing technique to abstain from losing ELO in their ranked matches. Essentially, this technique permits you to stop the lobby before the following round begins. It brings about the match never stacking in. Lobby Freezing is a major issue troubling the players since the beginning of the pandemic and Ubisoft is making sure to make a move against the players who resort to utilizing these strategies. Ubisoft is observing the programmed kicks in the live server, and if different players report the miscreants, they will organize the boycott quicker.

DOS On Console

DOS assaults have been around since nearly the beginning of Siege and Ubisoft is yet to address this issue and release a perpetual fix for this. They are a lot simpler to do on consoles and this technique is like lobby freezing, with the exception of DOS assaults will kick you out of the lobby, handing you sanction for abandonment. Ubisoft still doesn’t have a fix for this issue and they are as yet researching.

Ubisoft handling Hacking/Cheating

Hacking is perhaps the greatest issue in Siege. Ubisoft likewise doesn’t have a perpetual fix to this issue. All things considered, Ubisoft is rolling out certain improvements. They are presenting bans while disconnected, expanded clearance level necessities for Ranked Matches. This is planned for expanding the hindrance to access for ill-conceived represents Ranked to advance a superior Ranked condition.

Similarly, there is a fix in progression with expanded Champion Rank prerequisites. Notwithstanding meeting the base 5000 MMR, qualified players will be required to play at least 100 ranked matches to qualify. This is likewise planned for expanding the boundary to access for ill-conceived accounts and keeping up a perfect Champion leaderboard. And finally, an XP level cap is in place for PvE. Ubisoft’s roadmap to tackle these issues says that a large portion of these progressions are still under-develop and will actualize inside the following month.  

Anyway, what are your considerations on the new Rainbow Six Siege activity? Did you experience any of these issues yourself? Is it true that you are making some terrible memories playing the game? We have seen that hackers are very active during COVID-19 not only in the world of gaming but everywhere. This is the reason why we would recommend not playing ranked matches until the present pandemic finishes.

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