Top three teams remain at Beyond Epic

Beyond Epic Puppey

Beyond Epic: Europe & CIS has just witnessed its one of the best days. A lot of thrilling series came to an end as Secret ruled the day. It was no surprise as Secret has been showing off some of the best forms and is unstoppable. Although Secret lost its first series in the upper bracket and got pushed into the lower bracket, it came back stronger as it finished off the Beyond Epic run of and Fly To Moon. 

Start of the Day

The day started with Secret facing A lot of fans including were expecting revenge as Secret defeated in the group stages already. It came off as no surprise as Team Secret closed the series with a 2-0 victory over Team Secret had a rough start to game 1 as Boom pressured the lanes very fastly with his Broodmother. However, Nisha came out tanky with Tiny and Secret finished the game in just one push. Secret made call GG in just 29 minutes. 

Game 2 favored Secret from the very beginning. Team Secret never lost its lead in the game and closed the series in a 49 minutes thrilling game resulting in to say goodbye.

Bad News for Virtus Pro 

The second series was between Virtus Pro and Fly to Moon. Once again, Fly to Moon came out stronger as the team beat Virtus Pro in the group stages as well. Fly to Moon closed the series 2-0 and Virtus Pro got eliminated. FTM showed no mercy and dominated the map throughout the games. Virtus Pro called GG in just 30 and 31 minutes for each game. In the game 1, Virtus Pro tried a new strategy by picking up Techies but Fly to Moon responded by selecting Lifestealer as its carry. Similarly, Techies didn’t work for Virtus Pro in the second game as well. Although VP showed classic performance in the recent series by eliminating OG, FTM was just not in VP’s league. 

Last Series

The day ended with an amazing series between Team Secret and Fly to Moon. It was Team Secret’s turn to dominate and move forward. Team Secret closed the series with a 2-0 victory over Fly to Moon. Secret showed why it is ranked number 1 and didn’t give a single chance to FTM to come back in any of the games. Team Secret closed both of the games within the 33 minutes mark. 

Team Secret has made it to the lower bracket finals and is now all set to face Team Liquid once again. Although Liquid has beaten Secret in the upper brackets before, Secret is in no position to lose once again. On the last day of Beyond Epic, fans are going to witness some of the best Dota as Team Nigma awaits the winner of the series between Team Secret and Liquid. 

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