Top Reasons Why Esports Betting Is So Popular Nowadays

The progress of the eSports market is even more evident, with studies conducted by universities and companies exploiting the area’s true business potential, with an estimated $ 906 million in 2018.

A survey on electronic sports billing in 2017 was recently launched by Newzoo, in which the competitive landscape showed an incredible growth rate, with an annual increase of 33%.

The eSports market grossed $ 655 million in 2017, money collected from the media, advertising, sponsorship, ticket, merchandise, and publishing sectors – of which 71.5% to media rights, advertising, and sponsorships.

What is most surprising are the estimates for next year, where China and North America are expected to generate 56% of all annual revenue, which is projected to grow 38.2% and is expected to reach the US $ 906 million.

Newzoo also stated that by 2018, about 50% of eSports enthusiasts will be from the Asia Pacific region.

Credits: Newzoo

The notorious advance of this market brought great agreements in 2017, like the exclusivity of transmission of some projects of the ESL in Facebook and companies of big names investing in the industry. The outbreak of the market – both games and eSports – is still constant and, according to estimates, seems to have no end. Let’s look at how the betting market has progressed over the years.

New Frontier of betting, eSports

While the classic sports betting and also the online casino are already among the veterans in the business, the so-called eSport enjoys increasing popularity. Some of the traditional sports games are now in the shadow of some of the most phenomenal eSports titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counterstrike.

Even if this market is currently still in its inaugural roots, it can certainly make a name for itself. Many providers are already specialized in providing this service and will probably continue to expand it. The range of eSports bets is significantly larger than many people assume. There are various leagues and international tournaments in these online games. Like a real bet, you can bet on certain areas here. Also, the versatility of the betting offers must not be ignored and speaks clearly for the popularity of these bets. So, you can put on the leagues, the individual players or on certain in-game actions.

Accordingly, no limits are shown in this area. There are even online bookmakers who specialize exclusively in the field of eSports. This is a clear indication that this branch of betting will only progress in the future.

What will be the future of eSports betting?

The development in the coming years for betting on eSport certainly looks good. Europe, in particular, includes some of the leading countries in this field. Experts estimate that more than 15 million customers around the world will join eSports and betting over the next four years. With more and more offers on the market, better and better odds become possible. The number of providers in the competition is also steadily increasing. The customer thus has the greater choice and the suppliers are getting more competition. As a result, this will directly affect the quotas. As the customers benefit, they will use attractive offers more often. Thus, it will only lead to the development of sports and eSports.

Credits: TheBestOnlineGaming

In 2017, a revenue of over $ 600 million was generated. By 2020, however, this will rise to over 10 billion US dollars. Thus, one can speak of a clear growth in the industry. Esports is also supposed to account for a much larger share of sales by now than it is now. Meanwhile, it is expected that by the end of 2018 the eSports betting market will be worth around $7 billion and the number will double by 2020.

The endless possibilities

The reasons for the increasing popularity are versatile. On the one hand, there are the many new offers and options that the customer offers the bookmaker. On the other hand, confidence in the bookmakers has increased enormously in recent years. The bookmakers now offer now fair quotas and a reasonable payout. The state legalization also provides confidence. Since the bookmakers are controlled and monitored, the customers are on the safe side. What is legal cannot be a mistake. Of course, the tension also plays an important role. This is undermined by new technical possibilities. For example, live betting with live streams is now possible. The customer can follow all events live and to the second.

A trusted bookmaker is the one that can convince with good odds. There are multiple bookmakers which are offering betting on live games. They are dedicated to the development of the eSports industry. These bookmakers also give useful esports betting tips to their members.

Betting for Newcomers

If you are new to eSports bets, then it is good to know some things before entering the world of eSports betting. Betting on electronic sports is about calculating the odds (as in all sports bets). There are many unknown players looking to make a name for themselves in the world of electronic sports and the odds are often one-sided in these games. If an established eSports player faces an unknown player, there is a possibility that the unknown can knock down his opponent, but most bettors will believe that the established player will win due to the low odds. If you need any more assistance then do check out the eSports betting tips.

Credits: Sportsflare

It is common for bookmakers to shade the odds against the favorites, as most players are likely to blindly make eSports bets on them. This is eGaming and it’s a world where mistakes are made. The skill levels can improve overnight and the pressure is high. Make sure you calculate the odds of winning the game for both teams/players and compare these probabilities with the odds. The best way to become a successful eSports bettor is to start betting on a low scale, find a tournament. and investigate a little more about what teams are involved and place some harmless eSports bets.

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