Top Apex Legends Data Miner Has Decided To Step Down

Apex Legends

Whenever a game is being made or whenever new content is on its way, the developers are afraid of only one thing; leaks. This is something that has happened with almost every game and will continue to happen in the future. While there are some companies that are not bothered by their content getting leaked, there are some that take it very serious. Respawn Entertainment, the creator of Apex Legends, happens to be one of these companies.

Respawn Entertainment has been very strict with secrecy. They have tried their best to keep their content private from everyone. In fact, one of the voice actors revealed that the developers used to contact her in coded messages. Not only this, but the developers were so strict that she didn’t even knew about the character she was voicing.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends was also released without any prior announcement or marketing. This is because the developers wanted people to try out the game themselves and not to rely on ads. The game basically came as a surprise to everyone in February 2019. Respawn also did a great job with keeping it a secret from everyone. However, as soon as the game was released, it became a target of leaks.

Data Miners

There are many Apex Legends data miners out there who are always busy digging through the game’s files. They basically search the game’s files to discover new content. So far, they have managed to leak a lot of information to fans. For instance, data miners have managed to leak every legend prior to its official announcements. Not only this, but they have leaked a list of legends and their abilities that are yet to get added to the game.

One of these data miners is That1MiningGuy, who is considered as one of the best Apex Legends data miners out there. However, it seems that the data miner has decided to step back from leaking information about the game because of something that a developer tweeted.

Apex Legends Data Miner Steps Down

Recently, That1MiningGuy confirmed that he isn’t going to leak information anymore. This came right after one of Respawn’s developers, Drew McCoy tweeted about how leaks are a bad thing. The developer claimed that leaks are absolute worst and that he has never worked on a project where leaks were considered as wanted or purposeful. He also added that they spend a lot of time to create cool surprises. But it sucks when someone ruins that by leaking it.

In a reply to McCoy’s tweet, That1MiningGuy claimed that he will erase all the content regarding upcoming leaks if Respawn wants him to. However, he added that Respawn has always encouraged him to leak stuff. The data miner also claimed that his leaks gave people something that the developers weren’t giving. In other words, he gave them hope and something to look forward to.

What Others Have To Say

Some people in the community came forward and claimed that leaks are something that have been used to help the project. Esports commentator and ex player, Paul Chaloner said that if done right, there is nothing wrong with it.

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