Top 3 Gaming-based Cryptocurrencies in Esports Betting World

Esports is a growing phenomenon and every year, thousands of companies invest in the big giant industry of betting. Here are top three Gaming-based cryptocurrencies in the esports betting world.

1. GameCredits

GameCredits has been developed exclusively for gamers since it follows an in-game mode of currency. Owing to its popularity, the game has made its way to the crypto world like a transparent blockchain which provides an exclusive payout platform for the gamers and the developers.

It made its way into the crypto word in 2015 by the name of GamersCoin (GMC) but now has been renamed to GameCredits (GAME). The attributes of the currency are quite synonymous to Litecoin (LTC) but some even say that it is a better version of it and offer more benefits for the gaming community.

Credits: Hacked

The developers who use GameCredits can have multiple benefits, here are some of those:

  • Instead of the usual 70%, the developers get a 90% share for their beneficial services at the store.
  • The payment transactions are quite swift. Since the developers can get their payments in less than 60 hours which is quite faster than many crypto platforms.
  • The payment gateway offers a very secure method that is fraud-proof.
  • The developers can put their games up on the store free of cost and also make a revenue of around 30% which is a very profitable investment.
  • The developers can pursue what they want and focus on new projects and idea for the betterment of the cryptocurrency.

To give access to eSports to everyone, in 2017, GameCredits Inc. developed an Ethereum based ERC20 token MobileGo.

The idea behind MobileGo (MGO), is to give the community access to decentralized competitions which they can watch and arrange from anywhere. Besides arranging competition, the owners can simply play games with their peers.

To avoid any kind of fraud in the competition’s prize and in the delivery financial assets of the winning team or players, the developers have issued smart contracts. The Mobile is a token with properties associating with both Ethereum blockchains and Waves.

Apart from getting access to arranging decentralized tournaments, the owners can also get multiple rewards for streaming and attracting more fans. This will not only grant much-needed recognition to owners but will open the doors to the community. Besides offering competitions on PC, you can also offer competition on smartphones.

2. RevolutionVR

RevolutionVR or formerly known as Voxelus is cryptocurrency that is based on Virtual Reality. The idea behind this currency is to allow everyone access to play VR games, share, create anything and anywhere they want without any code writing. In March 2018, Voxelus was rebranded as RevolutionVR.

The Rebranding was quite necessary to highlight the fact that the platform is implied to the creation of valuable cryptocurrency that can be used to generate VR games for anyone who is interested.

Credits: Revolution VR

The objective of the RVR tokes is to provide efficient service to its owners by cloud gaming infrastructure. All the VR production will be accessed through the cloud. The servers at RevolutionVR will grant you access to the most powerful and high-end PCs without any boundaries. No matter where you are, you can get the best experience through the services of RevolutionVR. Moreover, you can get the best consumers by the cloud network.

In addition to the highly dedicated server, the cloud infrastructure, and the high-quality streaming services, RevolutionVR will improve your experience by providing dedicated VR headgear on very easy financial terms. So all you have to do is to become a consumer and get the best benefits from the providers of Revolution VR.

They have another VR platform on this list by the name of Decentraland. By using blockchain, you can buy VR land. By acquiring the VR land, you can do whatever you want, make casinos, games or virtual world anything you want for maximizing your profits. The name of the Native currency of the VR world is called MANA.

The only limit in this world is your imagination: You can go into a casino, work or spend time with your friends, invest in a startup or a business, spend time in a spa or even drive a car. It’s your world you created it and all you have to do is enjoy it.

3. Enjin

Enjin is a Singapore based gaming company that was found in 2009.

The gaming franchise has recently released its crypto token that the Etheream based, it goes by the name of Enjin Coin. The objective of this token is to become a dedicated decentralized currency for the world of gaming or eSports. Owing to the popularity of the gaming franchise, there are over millions of users of Enjin so it will not be a problem in the distribution of these tokens. The objectives behind the release of these tokens are as follows:

The purpose of Enjin is to promote Virtual items by using blockchain. The decentralized services of the platform will enable the owners to trade and distribute virtual items. The purpose of doing so is to improve the worth of the virtual items owned by the games.

The Enjin currency is quite easy to use. The developers behind this currency know the demands and need of the users. They will the opportunities to the gamers to own and trade virtual items on one of the most popular platforms in the world.

Credits: Investory

Enjin will provide SDKs to the community of gaming: The Enjin token is exclusively made for the gaming industry. The SDKs will provide payment solutions, wallets and open source technologies for enthusiastic game developers.

The Enjin experience will provide worth and ownership to the gamers across the world that can get a real money worth out of their in-game items.

There’s so much opportunity in the eSports based cryptocurrency. There are so many popping up every now and then which begs the question: Do we need them?

The answer is absolutely YES! Since the gaming industry is developing and we will need everything to make some value in the future. Synonymous to the high number of gamers, the many cryptocurrencies will help them make a career. At the end of the day both parties, the user, the developers will benefit from the experience.

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