The rise of Esports Betting in the UK

Esports betting

As the Coronavirus pandemic pushed all the people in their houses, esports got favored the most. Almost everyone was forced to stay at home and work from home, gamers took advantage of the situation well. One of the Gambling Commission of the UK has released a report that has broken all the previous records. The incredible growth in esports betting has been observed as people were locked in their houses. Due to the pandemic, people turned back to the gaming and started their esports betting career once again. A massive increase of 2992% of esports betting has been observed from last year. 

Esports betting report

The report consisted of the statistical data of gambling during the coronavirus pandemic in the UK. Not only the esports, but all the other sports were included. As a whole, all the other sports and their gambling community seemed to decline due to pandemic, esports gambling took a steep rise. The report consisted of different sectors of sports in which esports is just a category. 

The comparison

Due to the pandemic, the esports gambling market has increased drastically in the UK. In March of each year, a gambling report for the UK comes out which describes the gambling yield of each sector of sports. If we talk about esports only, in March 2019, the gambling yield of esports in the UK was $63,493. However, right after 12 months, in March 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this gambling yield became $1,918,541. Not just this, it consistently rose upwards as in April 2020 it reached $4,289,767. That was a massive climb in just one month. The gambling story in the UK did not just stop there, it moved upwards even more with a gambling yield of $5,835,764 in May 2020. 

The increase in the gambling market of esports from the year 2019 to 2020 was incredibly high. The rise of 2992% was never seen before. Also, in just one month, from March to April 2020, an increase of 124% was observed. This showed how much popular esports became in the UK due to pandemic. 

Other Events in esports betting

Other sports like Poker were also part of the increasing yield section of the report. A massive rise of 50% in year-on-year from 2019 to 2020 was witnessed. Similarly, this yield increased to 66% in just one month of 2020 from March to April. Although there is a big rise in Poker gambling, esports is still unbeaten. 

On the other hand, the real events that could not be handled online witnessed a year-on-year decrease of 62% in the yield. 

The pandemic has done so much for esports that multiple gambling websites like Luckbox are now thinking about expanding their businesses. Besides this, the real test for esports is still pending as the normal sports events are going to begin in a few months and we can observe a drop in the esports gambling.

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