The International 10 Dota 2 prize pool reaches $30 Million

Every year, Dota 2 provides the biggest prize pool in the whole esports community. This year, the prize pool for the International 10 crossed the $30 Million mark. The current prize pool for the biggest tournament of Dota 2 is $30,003,794. This figure is not going to stop here as fans are continuously contributing to it. 

How it Works

Valve created an amazing method for the fans to contribute to the biggest tournament of the year. Each year, fans contribute to the prize pool by purchasing in-game items. This year, the prize pool started at $1.6 Million. As the Battle Pass came out, the prize pool touched the sky. With each purchase a player makes in Dota 2 during the Battle Pass, 25% of it goes to the prize pool of the International. The remaining 75% goes to Valve. In just 62 days, fans made so many in-game purchases that the prize pool added $28,403,794 into the accounts. 

Comparison with the Past

The prize pool of The International 10 is way ahead of the previous one. Roughly, the TI10 prize pool is $3.6 Million ahead of the TI9’s. This is a massive increase considering Battle Pass being on sale for the same time each year. Similarly, comparing the TI10 prize pool with TI8, this year’s prize pool is $10 Million ahead of it. This is a massive increase and we can expect a record-breaking prize pool this year. 

Immortal Treasure II

In recent days, Valve released the Immortal Treasure II to attract more fans. The average spending on the Battle Pass increased as the treasure came out. The treasure consists of some amazing cosmetic items that can be earned by reaching the higher levels of Battle Pass. Due to the treasure, people are spending more on unlocking more levels of Battle Pass. Valve has implemented the loot box system that helps the organization in earning more. Players spend a significant amount and still don’t get their favorite items. 

Battle Level Sale

This year observed the lowest rate of spending for a treasure Valve released during a Battle Pass. Usually, the organization witnessed a spike in the sale of the treasure after its release, but this year, it remained minimal. This occurred because of the Battle Level sale that Valve provided to the players. Most of the players purchased so many levels that they got the treasure easily. However, this year’s prize pool will definitely surpass the previous ones and there is nothing to worry about.

Based on the current sale, Valve is confident that the TI10’s prize pool will become the biggest prize pool in esports history. As the prize pool passes $30 Million, it already beats Fortnite’s World Cup prize pool. Similarly, it only stays behind the TI9 prize pool of $34 Million that will be defeated as well. Fans are contributing heavily and TI10 is about to make history.

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