The International 10 Dota 2 Battle Pass Launched

The Dota 2 Battle Pass we all have been waiting for is finally here! Although the event has been pushed to a new date somewhat in 2021, it didn’t stop the developers to release the Battle Pass for the community.

Just like the traditional Battle Pass in the past, this year’s Battle Pass will launch at a standard price of $9.99 and 25% of all the sales will go towards the prize pool of The International 10 whenever it will take place.

CoVID-19 and the Battle Pass

Earlier Valve announced that The International 10 will be postponed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. However. at the time, the community was unsure whether the Battle Pass for this year will be released or not.

Much like earlier years, the Battle Pass includes a huge set of cosmetic items, a variety of arcanas, and personas. You can earn these cosmetic items either by collecting points through completing challenges or buying levels. Just like we mentioned before, 25% of all the sales of Battle Pass will directly go towards the prize pool of TI10.

Features incorporate another territory that opens at level 160, Pudge and Anti Mage personas, and incredibly new three Arcana sets. For now, only Wraith King arcana is available with two custom loadouts while the developers will roll out QOP and Windranger arcanas soon.

Set bounty on anyone!

Another cool feature of this year’s Battle Pass is that you can set up a bounty on anyone’s head during a match. The standard timer to complete a bounty task is five minutes. If you chop off someone’s head within five minutes, you’ll get Battle Pass points. However, the bounty will expire if you fail to do the task within the given time.

The Revival of GUILDS

The new large expansion, be that as it may, is the arrival of guilds. It has been a very long time since guilds were available in Dota 2. However, Valve is bringing them back in the new Battle Pass. It will allow players to join an enormous network of similar fans to discover games and individuals to play with. Selective guild challenges that require the entire community to participate and daily challenges will build your guild points. Based on your points, you can unlock different cosmetic items, taunts, or voice channels.

Luckily the guilds aren’t, by and large, altogether bolted behind a paywall. Anybody will have the option to join a guild. However, just the individuals who buy the Battle Pass will have the option to make one.

Valve initially announced TI10 to take place in Stockholm, Sweden at Ericsson Globe Arena in August 2020. The arena can hold up to 16,000 and it was probably going to sell out. Be that as it may, the coronavirus pandemic constrained the occasion, with Valve referencing it will in all likelihood occur in 2021, however, Valve hasn’t announced any venue yet.

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