The International 10 Battle Pass Sideshop is back!

In the recent Dota 2 update, the Dota Auto Chess-themed mini-game is back into The International 10 Battle Pass. This development came only after two days since removing Sideshop from the Front end UI of the game while it was still hidden within the game. Now, fans are unable to decide whether they like Sideshop or not, not only this Valve can neither decide on this as well.

Public backlash & the change reversal

Valve was quick to respond to the backlash they were receiving from their fans after the removal of Sideshop from Dota 2. Valve removed Sideshop on June 4, as a result, it prompted critical fan clamor as it disappointed players over possibly losing progress towards their earned rewards. Fans grumbled over the Sideshop assuming control over the recycling system, which seemed like a feature of a bigger exertion by Valve to make it progressively hard for fans to gain rewards without going through cash.

Fans would now be able to decide to reuse Immortal Treasure skins for the gold they will have in the Sideshop to use. Or they can also work on the same strategy as of 2019 where they reused skins towards another container of the Immortal Treasure.

Various players wanted to recover whatever rewards they had earned in the game after its declarations. Valve will permit the players to keep the prizes they earned while additionally discounting spent gems.

Valve said on their Steam’s Dota 2 page “We perceive that a few players may have just spent their gold and expended their gems since we updated the game on Thursday. We will revert everybody’s gold to the worth it was before the update. We will likewise revert any spent gems from that point forward. Any things reclaimed through the store will, in any case, stay in player’s inventories,”

The confusion with the TI10 Battle Pass

Valve’s slumping on Sideshop seems like some portion of a bigger issue with the TI10 Battle Pass. In spite of the fact that the organization released the feature three weeks after it generally does but things appear to surge on Valve’s part. This has brought about various updates to the TI10 Battle Pass inside its initial fourteen days, with the other critical change being a significant revision of BP rewards.  

 Different communities e.g. Reddit look to have an impact on Valve’s choices. At first, the Sideshop looked like a rejected feature as fans battled to wrap their head around the game. Moreover, they were also confronted with the decision of organizing blue gems for additional Immortal Treasures or red gems for levels. 

 Despite the fact that Sideshop is a one of a kind expansion to the TI10 Battle Pass, Valve’s ability to evacuate it at the command of social media is irregular and brings up issues about Valve’s arrangements for what’s to come.

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