The Future of the Esports Betting Market vs Traditional Sports Betting

Electronic Gaming also called e-sports or eSport is the competition of computer games on a global level.  Popular games such as Starcraft II, Wings of Liberty, Counter-Strike, League of Legends and many other games are played in this industry.  Opinions are divided about whether eSports can really be counted as a sport. But you can place your eSports bets on favorite bookmakers! eSports Betting is a worldwide phenomenon.

This new branch of electronic sports is flourishing and public interest and prize money are growing enormously.  The country with the most prestigious eSports competition is South Korea. Other parts of the world where it is booming are Europe, North America, Australia, and China. The global gambling industry must also make itself more attractive to the new players. The players of the 21st century are more demanding, curious, and often know the latest digital developments regarding eSports bets.

The eSports bets depend on the outcome of eSports events.  According to data released by various sources, eSports already has an industry worth in millions, and potentially worth billions of dollars in the future. eSports market researcher Newzoo has reported that the industry generated approximately $ 725 million in revenue from merchandise, media rights, advertising and tickets in 2017. So, the market has really grown at a very fast pace! Most of the gambling is accomplished by Dota 2 bets since it is one of the oldest eSports titles. The Dota 2 bets are quite popular in the betting world. The largest Dota 2 bets are made on The International competition which is like the World Cup of Dota 2.

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Esports betting making a big impact

Market research firm Eilers & Krejcik Gaming has predicted that in the unregulated eSports betting market there has been a turnover of seven billion, four hundred million U.S. dollar. This amount will only increase in the future!

eSports is parallel with the Olympic Games in Rio, a moving legal framework in Europe. eSport is in full swing and sports betting operators are hoping to ride the wave. According to some analysts, the sector could generate between $ 20 to $ 25 billion dollars of international bids by 2020.

Bets on the world championships of Call of Duty, League of Legends and Dota 2 are offered by some of the most recognized international bookmakers like Bet365 or Paddy Power for some time now. Nevertheless, it is the increasing volume of bets recorded during these events that has been reported by CNBC with the eloquent title: The bets on e-sport, a future windfall for the gambling industry.

If the sector remains underdeveloped today, its volume of bets already exceeds some bookmakers that offer sports betting such as golf or rugby. The trend, for its part, would be clearly on the rise and would marry that of the popularity of eSports competitions themselves. This study by Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, which estimates that by 2020 e-sport alone generates $ 23.5 billion in bets and $ 1.8 billion in revenues for operators, is proof of this.

This projection on a global scale, however, hides great disparities in the continent of Europe. In recent years, eSport has grown much faster in Asia and North America than in Europe. This delay, in legalization in some countries also hopes to fill through the introduction of a more flexible legal framework. While eSports was previously integrated by default into the category of gambling. But these legal troubles will be taken care of since traditional sports gambling has its fair share of trouble but has continued to progress. So many eSports betting sites have popped up in recent year to popularize the betting phenomena.

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Future of Sports betting

Sooner or later monopolies will collapse. This phenomenon will happen in the world of betting too. Unlimited competition and the Internet will provide a natural betting environment for the growing industry. The geographical location will be irrelevant in the future. The management center for betting companies will be of practically no importance. The financial relationship between the bookmaker and the wealthy will change as the wealthy will be able to settle their bets by direct debit. The popularity of various types of bets will increase. An increase in demand will also increase supply, an endless stream of new bookmakers will, therefore, spread in the scene. The betting culture is growing and flourishing. We are on the cusp of an Eldorado of betting,

Big sums of money will change hands. The competition between the bookmakers will be sharper with smaller profit margins. The old and unprofitable bookmakers will disappear. Some will go bankrupt, while others will merge into larger companies. Big companies will buy up small businesses and inherit their customers. The same phenomenon will also occur under bettors, as some will be fantastically rich and others will lose everything. About ten global bookmakers are likely to remain in the market as dominant forces. Bets will be even more entertaining. In the future, we will be able to place our bets during a game: millions of punters will put their money on the team that will be awarded the next corner in the final of the World Cup.

Esports stepping up in the betting market

Esports is becoming increasingly important in the world of sports betting. Already, the question arises whether eSports betting can match the rank of sports bets over time. Perhaps one-day virtual sports will be able to absorb the supply and demand of sports matches so that there will be a head-to-head race between sports betting on real sports matches and eSports matches. The difference to sports betting is shown in the opportunities to actively participate in eSports matches. Even if the growth of eSports in the world is increasing rapidly, there will be enough space for sports betting customers, gambling customers and eSports customers in the coming years. While sports betting or gambling are less about audience numbers, these play a decisive role in virtual sports and especially in major competitions. The resulting multiplier effect is not to be despised here. This shows that virtual sports are not subject to the hype in the future, but show real growth. Demand seems to be inexorably increasing with the establishment of eSports betting sites.

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Esports show how exciting it can be next to sports betting and gambling. At a time when it’s not just about consumption, it’s about variety; where higher, faster, more new games, faster and more betting markets make eSports an exciting prospect to invest on. In the coming years, you can see the markets by simply visiting the eSports betting sites the advertising material for eSports will increase significantly. Thus, eSports matches despite the critical content, such as Counter-Strike in the everyday image of society will continue to develop. Have fun as a spectator or maybe even as a pro-gamer or gamer in eSports matches!

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