Team SoloMid wins the $50,000 T1 Valorant Showdown

Team SoloMid Valorant

Team SoloMid beats the host team T1 at Valorant Showdown and wins the $50,000 prize. The team becomes the first champion of the North American event in the Riot Games Ignition Series. Team SoloMid is actually a CSGO squad that switched towards Valorant and has been proving itself since then. TSM secured a 3-0 victory against the team T1 in the finale. The team showed one of the most dominating performances in the history of Valorant. 

TSM’s Tournament Run

The team started its run in Group B with other four world-class teams. Unlucky for other teams as Team SoloMid was on fire as the rounds began. The team defeated Immortals in an epic win of 13-3 and 13-6 in the opening match. This delivered a lot of confidence and the team dominated the group with acquiring the highest seed. 

Moreover, the team also faced Spot Up in the group and defeated them as 13-11 and 13-3. Finally, TSM had only one rival left in the group stage and it gave them the most trouble. Team Charlotte Phoenix fought their best and gave a hard time to TSM but eventually, TSM pulled out a victory as 13-9 and 13-11. 

Winning all the matches in the group stages provided the team heavy advantage as they gained a +35 round lead. Team SoloMid started the playoffs in the double-elimination upper bracket. 

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Upper Bracket Story

The first round in the upper bracket round brought some obstacles for Team SoloMid. The team faced a very strong team. Together We Are Terrific in the first round who already sealed a victory on one of the strongest, Cloud9. Together We Are Terrific became the first team to beat TSM a map in the best of 3 series. Eventually, things turned around in TSM’s favor and it came out victorious as 13-4 and 13-5. 

Now the team moved to the semi-finals of the tournament and faced Faze Clan. Faze Clan was definitely a threat as they removed 100 Thieves roster from the tournament. Team Solo Mid showed no weakness and sealed a 2-0 victory of 13-9 and 13-7  to move towards the upper bracket finals.

Now was the time that Team SoloMid had to face the host of the tournament, T1. This was the first time TSM had to face T1. It was difficult for the team to control in the map 1 as T1 snatched map 1 victory as 13-7. Later on, TSM came back stronger and secured a 2-1 victory as 13-5 and 13-9 to reach the grand final of the tournament.

Team SoloMid once again faced T1 into the grand finals as T1 managed to come back in the scene from the lower bracket. TSM showed no mercy in the finals and secured a 3-0 victory over the host T1. The win brought $25,000 for the team and TSM became the best team in the North American region. 

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