Team Secret wins WePlay! Pushka League

Team Secret

Team Secret asserted the title of WePlay! Pushka League champions after a persuading grand finals performance against VP.Prodigy. Team Secret expeditiously swept Prodigy where no one will think to look with a definitive 3-0 series win.

Team Secret’s Systematic Start

The first Dota 2 game was a moderate and systematic one from Team Secret. It required some investment for Secret to assemble the vital assets to bring down Prodigy’s base because of the CIS crew’s amazing group battle ultimates from their centers like Clinkz, Death Prophet, and Mars. 

Secret’s capacity to split farm among their heroes end up being the appropriate response. While Prodigy’s positions one and two kept up at the highest point of the net worth charts, zai and YapzOr far exceeded their partners. Both Secret players dealt with irregular legends in the off-lane Queen of Pain and bolster Sniper separately and end up being the distinction producers down the stretch.

One-Sided Affair in the second and the final push by Secret

Game two was an uneven undertaking in support of Secret. Puppey had to get an extraordinary convey in Chaos Knight after his first stage pick Weaver was intensely countered by Prodigy’s lineup. 

In any case, Secret’s rhythm was scarcely disturbed. The European titan had Prodigy on the ropes right from the start and it took less than 18 minutes for Prodigy to yield. 

Secret conveyed their aggressive team play into the third game. Prodigy figured out how to have a nice laning start, particularly on Egor “epileptick1d” Grigorenko’s Void Spirit. In any case, it scarcely made a gouge in Secret’s groundbreaking strategy. This was Prodigy’s best beginning in the series, however, it immediately dissipated in front of Secret’s pushing lineup.

With Chen, Troll Warlord, and Nature’s Prophet, Secret ceaselessly constrained the map with high pinnacle harm and support. They squeezed out each bit of leeway they could, which immediately expanded into an unconquerable lead. Prodigy surrendered shortly.

Secret’s fifth consecutive victory over Prodigy & their future prospects

Team Secret is one of the best Dota 2 teams of all time. This denotes Secret’s fifth consecutive success versus Prodigy. Secret recently met Prodigy in the upper bracket finals, which was likewise a somewhat one-sided affair as well. 

In a post-game interview, Secret’s mentor Heen said past scrimmages delineated Prodigy as a decent group. Be that as it may, and still, at the end of the day, advancing toward the finals was a shock. MATUMBAMAN recognized them as a fine group, yet being another program implied that their “shallow” procedures were simpler to reveal the further they went into the opposition.

Secret earned $70,000 for their endeavors, while Prodigy left with $45,000. Prodigy was completely outmatched against a standout amongst other Dota 2 groups on the planet, they can hold their heads high for a tremendous competition run that saw them beat out built-up powerhouses like Alliance and Team Liquid. 

The WePlay! Pushka League finds some conclusion, yet there’s still increasingly professional Dota 2 coming for fans to cheer. The Champions, Team Secret, will be part-taking in the OGA Dota Pit Online, which commences tomorrow, and also the $1.5 million “Games Without Borders” noble cause competition that is due to take place from May 15th to 17th.

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