Team Secret wins Beyond Epic 2020

Team secret

The last two weeks were a blast for Dota 2 fans as Beyond Epic: Europe/CIS produced some of the best games. The playoffs started on 25th June till 28th June 2020. From the very beginning of the tournament, Team Secret was the favorite as it showed classic form in the previous matches. As expected, Team Secret closed the Beyond Epic League with a style to beat Team Nigma in an epic best of five final. They grasped a 3-0 victory that proved the total domination.

The Final Day

The day started with lower bracket finals where Team Secret faced the loser of Upper bracket finals, Team Liquid. As a matter of fact, Team Liquid already secured a victory over them before in the Upper brackets. The stage was set and Team Secret looked hungry for revenge. As expected, they eliminated Liquid in total domination 2-0 victory. In the first game, Secret didn’t let Liquid secure more than 3 kills. The game ended with a score of 25 – 3. Nature’s Prophet by Matumbaman secured kills from lane to lane with an unkillable streak of 12. Team Secret made Liquid call out GG in just 29 minutes. 

Liquid tried coming back in game two but Secret had revenge on its mind. Once again, Matumbaman came out stronger with his Broodmother and secured 10 kills on the board. Liquid tried to turn around with the Lone Druid pick but eventually Secret dominated the map. Secret finished the series with a 41-minute game two. 

The Finale

It was not all over for Team Secret as one of the strongest teams, Nigma waited for Secret in the finals. The game one was a tough call as Nigma had it under control in the beginning but as Nisha got out with his Morphiling, he ruled the map. Nisha secured 11 kills with killing off Mind Control’s Bristleback within seconds. As nothing seemed to work against Team Secret, Nigma called GG at a 48-minute mark. 

Game two between Team Secret and Nigma was one of the best games in Beyond Epic League. At first, Secret lacked support picks as Weaver and Void Spirit didn’t help a lot in the beginning. However, as soon as Puppey finished his Aghanims on Weaver, things turned around. Team Secret kept defending high-ground and pushing Nigma back. Eventually, a mistake by Team Nigma cost them the longest game of the tournament. They came back with two Divine Rapiers and finished the game in 75 minutes.

Team Secret shattered Nigma’s confidence with a big victory in game two and totally dominated in the third game as well. This was the quickest game of the whole final series as they sealed the win in just 35 minutes. 

Team Secret

Team Secret is currently ranked number one and securing all the important tournaments throughout the year. The team makes such a great combination that no other team is able to dominate on them so far. Moreover, with the current performance, they look forward to winning the most prestigious tournament for Dota 2, The International.

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