Team Secret to take a vacation after winning six consecutive events

Team Secret

The last few months have been very overwhelming for the best team in the pro-Dota 2 circuit, Team Secret. The team has won six consecutive events it participated in. The manager of the team Matthew “CyborgMatt” Bailey announced that team will be taking a break from the competitive Dota scene for a month. The previous few months have given a lot of tournaments to the game and Secret has been active more than ever. By participating in almost all the tournaments and winning each one of them, the manager of the team thinks that it is time that the team takes rest and come back to the competitive scene with a fresh and relaxed mind. 

Secret’s Run

Team Secret has enjoyed an unmatchable success over the past six months. The year 2020 brought so much to the team that it topped the leaderboards throughout. It secured the first position in each tournament it participated in this year. With winning the last tournament, Beyond Epic Dota 2, it became the only team to win six consecutive finals with a 3-0 victory. Regardless of the team, Secret faced in the finals, it just crushed it. 

Massive Competition

It was never easy to do what Team Secret has done. No other team has ever shown such dominance in a single season. Although each success came at a cost, Secret kept crushing its rivals. It had a smooth run against some of the world-class teams like OG, Team Nigma, Alliance, Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, VP Prodigy,, and many more. Whichever of the teams faced Secret in the finals, tasted a 3-0 loss. 

Record breaking stuff for Team Secret

Besides winning all the tournaments consecutively, Secret also secured another record. A very famous Dota 2 stat-man, Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen enlightened the community by tweeting the record Secret just made. After winning the final of Beyond Epic Dota 2, Secret beats the seven-year-old best-100 game record by Team Alliance. In 2013, Team Alliance showed epic domination and set a record of going 83-17 in 100 games while Team Secret beat the record by going 85-15 in its last 100 games.

What next for Team Secret?

As almost all the tournaments in 2020 were online due to COVID-19 pandemic, professional analysts are predicting that maybe this wild form of Team Secret might just stay to the online scene. It can be said that the team might not perform to its full potential when competitive Dota comes back to the arenas and thousands of fans are watching. Similarly, most of the professionals suggest that the team will still perform with such aggression as it did in the DeamLeague Season 13 major by winning it. 

As Team Secret is taking a break in July, it won’t be attending any tournaments. However, there are not so many tournaments announced for this month. The next potential tournament that team will join can be WePlay! Pushka League Season 12, in August. 

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