Team Secret stands victorious in the group stages at Beyond Epic

Team Secret has been performing extremely well in the recent tournaments as it hasn’t lost more than two series in the past 10 it appeared. The team claimed two series on 24th June 2020 and secured the first position in the group A of the Beyond Epic Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States region tournament. Secret faced Team B8 and OG to close the group stages. The team slew B8 in just 23 and 20-minute games. On the other hand, Secret didn’t face any trouble and secured victory against OG in 41 and 30 minutes as well. 

Last Day of Group Stages

Besides the two series by Secret, Ninjas in Pyjamas also faced Virtus pro in a best of three series. The Ninjas needed a 2-0 victory over Virtus Pro in order to move towards the playoffs. Unfortunately, Virtus Pro grabbed one match out of the series, resulting in Ninjas to win as 2-1. But this wasn’t enough and the Ninjas didn’t make it to the playoffs. On the other hand, Team Secret tied with Team Nigma in group A with a total of (4-1) each. Both of the teams qualified for the playoffs and moved towards the upper bracket double elimination rounds. However, OG and tied the third and fourth position in the group and moved towards the playoffs into the lower bracket. 

Group B had some decent winners too. Fly to Moon and Team Liquid tied with a score of 4-1 and secured the first two spots. Both of the teams move into the playoffs to face Team Secret and Nigma in the upper bracket. However, Virtus Pro and Alliance booked the third and fourth positions to move to the lower brackets to face OG and 

The remaining two teams from each group got eliminated. Team B8 and Unique from group A and Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Empire from group B had the lowest points.

Points Summary

The Beyond Epic Dota 2 began by inviting 6 teams to each group and fighting against each other for $200,000. All the teams played single round robins, with all everyone getting into a best of three series. A team with a victory of 2-0 secured three standing points, a team with the victory of 2-1 got 2.5 points, and a defeat of 0-2 gave nothing. Eventually, all the playoffs will be the best of three until the final that will be a best-of-five decider.

Team Secret MVP

In the last two series by Secret against Team B8 and OG, Matumbaman got voted as the MVP. Against Team B8, Matumbaman recorded his team-best 6.5/2.0/7.0 kill death assist ratio of all time. Similarly, Matumaban was again Beyond Godlike in his final game against OG where his score was 15/0/12. 

The playoff of the tournament begins on Thursday with lower bracket rounds going first. The upper bracket round will follow the next day and the winner of the tournament will finally be declared on Sunday, 28th June 2020.

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