Team Secret: Gamers Without Borders champs!

Team Secret

It seems that Team Secret is pretty settled and has not been having any sort of issues with the move of live Dota 2 competitions to online tournaments.      

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov and friends posted an extremely solid show in the Gamers Without Borders 2020 Dota 2 competition. The group went through the opposition and bolted up the lead position, gaining $750,000 which will go to a good cause.      

Team Secret took Twitter to express that Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance will receive half of the whole. The other half will go to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

The Charitable Event

The tournament included an altruistic prize pool of $1.5 million. Different teams that contended at the competition chose different causes, for example, Alliance donating its earnings to UNICEF and OG giving to the International Medical Corps.  

Even though the groups contending might not have gotten any profit from contending in the tournament, Secret despite everything posted a vintage show.  

Valiant Secret

Secret commenced its altercation of the single-elimination, eight-group competition with a solid triumph over Ninjas in Pajamas. That set Secret up with an elimination rounds matchup against Alliance. Even though the Swedish crew put forth a valiant effort, Secret figured out how to constrain the success.  

Puppey took on his previous team Natus Vincere in the finals and scored a disproportionate triumph. Outside of a serious second game, Secret put the boots to Na’Vi. They transformed colossal kill leads into unequivocal triumphs in transit to a 3-0 compass finish.

Secret gets the mojo back with the WePlay! GWB triumph

Team Secret has sat solidly at or close to the highest ranks of the Dota 2 positions throughout recent years. They have won various majors just as a huge number of other live tournaments. The difficulty is that Secret isn’t playing in majors or live events nowadays.  

Playing in an online event is different from playing on LAN and presents a large number of unique difficulties both competitively and personally for esports professionals of all games. The mass reception of online events has seen a few groups flourish in that setup, while others have battled to roll out that improvement.   

At first, it appeared as though Secret would have been one of the teams on the terrible side of that change. The team didn’t look as solid as it, for the most part, does in WeSave! Charity Play or the ESL One Los Angeles European and CIS League, something that no uncertainty stressed aficionados of the side.  

Team Secret has bounced well from that point forward. The team came out ahead of the pack in the WePlay! Pushka League and looked extremely solid here also. Even though the opposition at the top stays savage, Secret looks prepared to be the favorite for any up and coming occasions it contends in.

The experience of Live esports can not match with any. However, it seems that Online Events will be the future of esports, be it a short-termed future. And Online Charitable Competitions is a good way for the professional teams to test the environment around before making it to the Live Online Majors.

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