Team Nigma – Another day another loss

Team Nigma

The fans of Team Nigma are disappointed due to the bad performance of the team at WePlay! Pushka. The expectations were high from the team as they managed to get a couple of good victories against tier one and tier two before coming to the tournament. However, Team Nigma hasn’t been performing well up to the expectations.

Team Nigma struggles against OG

Even though OG’s two core players, MidOne and Suma1L were playing at a higher ping than usual, it didn’t stop them from piercing Team Nigma out of their comfort zone. Saksa has been proven to be a valuable asset for the whole team. He, along with Notail created space for the cores as well as win the team fights for the team.

NiP and Alliance crush Team Nigma

The whole roster of Team Nigma stumbled upon the NiP’s new roster and Team Alliance. NiP, with the great rotations from Screamer forced Nigma to take a defensive stance. While for Alliance, S4 is known for his beautiful plays since TI3. There wasn’t much left for Team Nigma to stop two of the best teams in the event.

Team Liquid vs Former Liquid

Team Nigma had a good start at WePlay! Pushka against Team Liquid. However, the tables quickly turned around as Liquid bounced back and won the third game of the series win a dominant fashion. Although GH and MC tried to create space for the rest of the team, it wasn’t enough and Liquid took the series 2-1.

Team Nigma secures a victory against OG.Seed

Team Nigma’s only achievement at WePlay! Pushka is against OG.Seed. In a best of three series, OG.Seed gave a tough fight to Kuroky and the boys. However, Nigma prepared themselves for the worst in the team fights and it paid off certainly. In the first game of the series, Nigma had all the good initiation they wanted. W33’s mid pick on Batrider proved to be a key source of victory as he was able to create so much space for the MC and Miracle-.

On the other hand, Miracle’s Phantom Lancer just ran over the entire squad of OG.Seed after he got Diffusal Blade. With a fast-paced lineup, Team Nigma secured the first game within 25 minutes.

In the second game, it was OG.Seed’s turn to bounce back and level-up the series. This time, it was OG.Seed who picked Phantom Lancer for Madara and it was absolutely worth it. Madara not only won his lane but he also got the power-spike within the usual timeframe.

Team Nigma’s last hope to win the series came down to a single map against OG.Seed. In the last game, Team Nigma showed no mercy. Kuroky opted for the aggressive playstyle and went for Ember Spirit and Ursa for Miracle- and w33, respectively. The draft worked and Nigma was able to close down the series 2-1 in their favor.

Fans are dishearted

Nigma fans are severely dishearted due to bad drafting by Kuroky and the inability of the squad to fight against tier one teams. It seems like the TI7 champions are having a couple of bad tournaments this year. The current patch and meta changes also don’t favor their lineup and playstyle, therefore, it might also be one of the reasons for their underperformance.

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