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Choosing a bookmaker is a very big deal. And finding special offers like deposit 5 get free bet up to a particular amount is much rare. Fortunately, there are some authentic websites which still offer super attractive bonuses. You can find similar bonuses from BonusCorner, CheepkyPunter, BetVictor, BetUK, and a few other platforms which still provide you a bonus with a minimum deposit of $5.

To earn special bonus and incentives, you need to understand how the free bets work. When you read the bookmaker’s terms and conditions for betting, you often realize that it is not a free offer entirely. Thus, having proper knowledge of these offers are very important.

You can explore the offers on any website. But as you deeply research the offers, it will be revealed that the deposit 5 get free bet is not free. To get the bonus, you actually have to make a valid deposit in your account and place a bet from this. Then you can avail the bonus and you will receive the amount suggested by the platform. In the terms and conditions of the platform, the rules and regulations are clearly mentioned but most of the users don’t pay attention to them.

It is not the bookmaker who will tell you how you can exploit these offers for your own benefits. But unless you put some money on stake, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to avail any of the bonus offers.

That’s why; some people think that Free Bonus is a fake concept mostly used to lure the potential users.

  • Free bets require you to match the investment offered by the bookmaker. This means if the bookmaker is offering you a $20 bonus, then you will have to deposit $20 in your account first.
  • Bookmakers steer the customers into a less profitable market. It is done because the customers don’t have a precise idea on how betting works and they end up making un-strategized predictions which cost them money.

Another drawback is that you can’t just take off the payout after the first bet. You will have to bet more other than using the deposit 5 get free bet offer on the games.

Once you fulfill all these conditions, you will be able to take your earnings out. But sometimes, if you are good at predictions, you end up earning more than you spent and this is the positive point of the bonus offers. When the bets are settled, you can easily earn 5 times more than the amount you put on stake. Therefore, it can be a pretty good deal.

Understand Why Bets Are Not Free:

Most of the people consider the welcome bonus while joining a betting platform. But this criterion is a little flawed. Even though deposit 5 get free bet offers to seem like a good idea, but you have to analyze the true value of these bonus offers too. It often happens that bookmakers represent the offers to give away only good part of the promotional offers. The promotions use creative language to gain the customer base. But in reality, the offers have more terms and conditions to be followed.

The Free bets are the types of bets in which no significant amount is placed on the stake by the bettor. Instead, the amount is taken from the bonus offer availed by the casino or sports betting sites. The free bets offer is used for promotional purposes which seem enticing and rewarding for the customers who meet specific criteria.

Free Bets Explained:

For a very long time, offers like deposit 5 get free bet, deposit 20 get a free spin, etc. are becoming more and more popular in the gambling world. The Free bets are used as a strong marketing tool which gives rewards to the customers too along with the bookmakers.

It is the Risk-free bets which are best and allow the customers to place a bet free of charge up to a certain point of stake. There are various reasons why the free bets are so popular along with loyalty bonus, first deposit cash bonus, and new customer rewards too.

The bookmaker’s main intentions to provide these offers are to encourage people to sign-up for their services and make a small deposit in their account. In return, the website gives you something free and the bookmakers expect that the customers will stay loyal to them.

In case, you come around the deposit 5 get free bet, you don’t have to be very generous about it. It is vital that you check the play through requirements before you accept the offer.  A playthrough requirement means that you have to place a significant amount of additional bets before you can withdraw your earnings from the account. When the playthrough requirement is applicable, you can determine the value of free bet by multiplying the bet with the number of times you are obliged to turn it over or the bet the full value of the bonus with your own money. Take an example that you are offered a $100 free bet. If you are obliged to turn it over at least 3 times before you get paid out, you will have to bet $300 total.

The good thing is that the play through requirements is different for different bookmakers. The basic rule to take advantage of the free bets is to do as you are told. Some people think that the offers are fake and you don’t get actual earnings from the so-called deposit 5 get free bet offers.


In the end, it can be concluded that the deposit 5 get free bet offer is valid and useful. It is all about the betting skills that would help you to take advantage of the free bets. To turn your free bets into real money, you have to play as often as possible. You can explore the tactics such as matched betting to assure that you get positive outcomes from the free bets.

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