Statistics proves that ZywOo is the best professional Counter-Strike player

Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut of Team Vitality is now the best professional CS: GO player. The statistics reveal his brilliant AWP skills that can catch any enemy out there on the map. We have seen him win the matches for the team countless times. Known for his intense situation clutches, ZywOo is the star-player for Team Vitality.

Through every last bit of it, there is a solitary figure that is terrifying to match up against regardless of how certain you are about your skills and that is Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut.

The AWP Legend

ZywOo is the redeeming quality of Vitality every time, driving numerous top-class rivals to call them ‘Team ZywOo’ rather than Team Vitality. His AWPing skill is amazing, with numerous experts believing him to be an extraordinary talent compared to other AWPers in the game, without any exception.

ZywOo has the statistics to prove this claim after the recent match against Fnatic. As indicated by HLTV’s stats, he’s the best player in the professional CSGO circuit. He, as of now, holds the leaderboard on ten distinct quantifications all the while (the greater part of any player by far), which looks good for Vitality fans as they take a look at matching against the fearsome-looking NiP this Sunday.

ZywOo the match-winner

The insights ZywOo holds aren’t elusive; they’re game-defining numbers that show why Vitality is a team among the top ten regardless of the fact how well the others play.  

ZywOo holds an amazing +88 kill differential; the nearest player in terms of kills differential is ‘ropz’ of team mousesports having a KD of +50. He averages eighty-eight kill every time he dies.   

ZywOo averages 101 damage in each round. The next player in terms of damage differential after ZywOo is Bubzkji from MAD Lions with a 32.4 damage differential for every round. He has 226 total kills, and his total kills per round in professional play are 0.97.

ZywOo’s more records

ZywOo likewise has an average of 56.5% of lead in every round with more than one kill. This means that each round he plays, the chance of more than one kill is approx. 56%. In addition to that, he is leading the assists leaderboard with a score of 36.   

ZywOo’s opening kills are also on top of the leaderboard with a score of 37, and opening duels i.e. where two players come 1-on-1 against each other, his achievement is at an amazing 75.5%.   

At long last, as an accumulation of different stats that HLTV follows, they use the term ZywOo’s Rating 2.0. Termed as 2.0 as it tracks a greater number of ratings than their standard of Rating 1.0. ZywOo here holds a rating of 1.51 while Bubzkji of MAD Lions comes next to him at 1.38. His teammate ‘roeJ’ intently follows him at 1.35.

While these statistics are past amazing, it continues to bring in concern with respect to Vitality’s arrangement and overall execution as a team in recent history. After conveniently crushing Fnatic but losing to sAw, they’re similarly as smudgy as ever.

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