Sparking Arrow Gaming wins Beyond Epic Dota 2 Chinese region

Sparking Arrow Gaming

Beyond Epic finally came to end today as it brought so many thrilling series and gathered some of the world-class teams. Although the tournament was online, we still witnessed some of the best Dota as teams struggled to secure some positions. It came out totally unexpected that Sparking Arrow Gaming won the Chinese region of the tournament. The team is totally new and just got into consideration after some dominant performance during the tournament. However, it still had to take down one of the strongest Chinese teams, Vici Gaming. 

What actually happened?

The Chinese region of Dota 2 has always been very predictable as the most dominant teams always steal the titles. This became a trend until Sparking Arrow Gaming came into the scene. The team eliminated some of the best Chinese teams from the tournament to secure a position into a final and eventually win that too. As of the team’s reputation, it surely has earned big respect for doing something everyone thought impossible of. 

The team first made a presence in the group stages as it sealed a victory over the most dominant teams like PSG.LGD and Aster. After proving consistently, the team started its playoff run with the upper bracket first match against Vici Gaming. Although the team was super confident, Vici Gaming came out a little strong for the team and sent it to the lower bracket.

Lower Bracket Run

After being thrown to the lower bracket, the journey became even harder for the team. Once again, SAG had to face PSG.LGD in the first round. It was still unexpected but LGD couldn’t stop SAG and got eliminated by them in the first round. 

Moving forward, the team had to face Royal Never Give Up and it was definitely a tougher task. As SAG previously eliminated LGD, it was quite confident about this series too and delivered its best. The team sealed the victory over one of the strongest Chinese teams, Royal Never Give Up as 2-0. 

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The Finale

The stage was set and the team finally had to face the finalists. It was not pleasant news for Sparking Arrow Gaming as they had to face Vici Gaming into the finals, the team which sent them to lower bracket first. The first game of the finals came out a little strange as Vici Gaming had it under control all the time in the beginning. The Venge + Luna combo was a blast for SAG in the beginning and everything pointed in the favor of Vici Gaming. However, few bad team fights turned the tables around and SAG claimed the first game of the finals.

Similarly, in the second game, SAG picked its signature hero, Terrorblade. While Vici Gaming tried countering the TB, it was just not enough and SAG claimed another game. Eventually, a third and final game decided the champion of the Beyond Epic Dota 2 Chinese Region as SAG picked Anti mage and totally dominated the map.

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