Some Important Hearthstone Betting Tips

Important Hearthstone Betting Tips

Released back in March 2011, Hearthstone is one of the most popular video games out there. It is another absolute master piece from Blizzard Entertainment just like Overwatch. The game was a success for the company and it has earned around $40 million per month since August 2017. Not only this, but in November 2018, it was officially confirmed that Hearthstone is played by more than 100 million players.  Today, we are going to share some important Hearthstone betting tips.

Important Hearthstone Betting Tips

Because of its popularity, the game is also a huge part of esports. Various tournaments for it are hosted by different organizers all over the world. Even Blizzard hosts some of the biggest Hearthstone tournaments that feature really good prize pool. People from all over the world enjoy betting on it, and today we are going to talk about some things that can help you with Hearthstone betting.

Important Hearthstone Betting Tips

Learn How Hearthstone Is Played

The first thing you need to do is learn the game. This is because you should know how it is played and what its rules are. Learning the game will allow you to understand how things work in tournaments. If you don’t learn the game and start betting on it blindly, then you will start loosing money soon. The best way to learn the game is by either playing it, or by watching videos of it on the internet.

Research Different Hearthstone Tournaments

The second thing you need to do is learn about different Hearthstone tournaments. These tournaments are going to be the ones where you are going to bet on. At the moment, there are a wide number of different Hearthstone tournaments that are hosted all over the world. But the biggest ones are the Hearthstone Championship, Blizzcon, Hearthstone Global Games, etc. All of these tournaments feature really big prize pool and teams from all across the world participate in them. The Hearthstone World Championship that was hosted last year featured a prize pool of $1 million.

Know Different Players

The third thing you need to do is learn about different players. Many new Hearthstone bettors make the mistake of just betting on the favorite players, and they end up loosing all of their money. This is because the favorite or the top player will not always win. There have been times when new players have left everyone surprised with their amazing performance. The best way to avoid this performance is to learn about how a player has been performing lately, and how he performs in a specific tournament.

Important Hearthstone Betting Tips

Avoid Emotional Decisions

The final thing we will suggest is to stay patient. If you loose some money at the start, don’t make the mistake of making an emotional decision to bet more money with the hope to recover what you lost. If you do this, then you will only end up loosing your other money too. Just stay relaxed and research as much as you can before placing another bet.
This was all regarding some important Hearthstone betting tips. We hope that our post will help you become a good bettor.

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