Shroud Says He Is Excited For Apex Legends Season 4 The Most


Apex Legends season 4 will go live after a few days. Players are eagerly waiting for it to arrive because they want to try out the next content that will arrive along with it. The upcoming season is currently confirmed to feature some exciting stuff, and it might even introduce multiple legends. And all of this has kind of made a top streamer once again interested in the game.

Who Shroud Is

When Apex Legends was first released, everyone jumped into it straight away. In the first week, the game was downloaded by 25 million players. And this number later increased to 50 million players at the end of the month. Not only regular players, but top streamers also joined the hype wagon and instantly started streaming it on their channels. One of these streamers was Shroud.

Apex Legends Season 4

For those who don’t know, Shroud is currently one of the top streamers out there. He currently streams on Mixer, but before this, he used to stream daily on Twitch. In fact, he was considered as the king of Twitch because of his huge fan following. When Apex Legends was released, he was one of the first streamers to jump into the game. He has contributed a lot to making Apex Legends popular. However, at some point, the streamer lost his interest in the game.

Shroud Is Excited Again

Shroud lost his interest in Apex Legends because he claimed that he felt like playing something over and over again. He added that the game doesn’t has enough variety in it, and that the developers should try something different with it. Even when the latest Grand Soiree event went live, Shroud wasn’t impressed with seeing seven different Limited Time Modes. He said that they are just the same old LTMs. But now, it seems that the upcoming season has once again sparked something in Shroud as he is excited for it.

Apex Legends Season 4

The streamer previously confirmed that he is going to try out the new season when it arrives. But now, he has provided more details regarding why he is excited for it. For those who don’t know, Shroud was one of those who were invited to try out Apex before it was released. Therefore, he knows some stuff that will arrive in the future. But while talking about season 4, Shroud claimed that he is excited for it because its the first time in Apex updates that he doesn’t actually know whats coming. He added that he knows a few things, but not all of it.

Apex Legends season 4 will go live on February 4. The next season is going to feature the Revenant as the game’s new playable legend. However, it is currently believed that the next season will feature multiple legends. This means that we might get to see some other legend such as Forge or Rosie

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