Sccc To Join Team Aster After Leaving Newbee

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Dota 2 professional team Newbee has failed to find any success during the 2018-19 season. They have struggled to form a proper roster as they were constantly shifting players throughout the season. After the recently held The International 2019, Newbee remained inactive. And now, one of their players has decided to part ways with the team, something which was left many fans disheartened.

Sccc Is Leaving Newbee

Song “Sccc” Chun is one of Newbee’s top Dota 2 players. The latter recently confirmed that he is leaving his team to join another. The reason behind his decision is that he wants to rebuild for the upcoming season as he has not been performing well recently. For those who don’t know, Sccc is perhaps the player who has stayed the longest in Newbee. Despite all the changes, this player remained with the team through thich and thin.


Although the latter has claimed that he has been performing poorly, we all know how hard he was worked to keep his team together. “Let’s talk about this year, we got no results this season, and it was mainly because of my poor performance,” said the Dota 2 player. “I didn’t play well enough, especially in later games. I am not satisfied with my own play. For me, I am not good enough to play, I will not consider other reasons at all, and I will focus on my own play first.” His statement pretty much confirms that the latter is making himself the reason behind his team’s poor performance.

After The International 2019 regional qualifiers, everyone knew that it was time for Newbee to get a new roster. The reason behind this was that they placed sixth in the China qualifiers and left many of their fans disappointed. Shortly after this, Forward Gaming decided to drop their Dota 2 roster. To everyone’s surprise, Newbee decided to sign them up.

Sccc Is Team Aster’s Newest Member

While Newbee got themselves a new team, their one main player Sccc has confirmed that he won’t be rejoining the team. During his post, the latter claimed that he is going to move to Team Aster, a direct Chinese rival of Newbee. This didn’t come as a surprise for some fans since the rumors of him joining Team Aster have been around since The International 2018. His new team has welcomed him with claiming that they are excited about his addition.


How the Teams Have Performed

Newbee’s poor performance was seen during the 2018-19 season, where they struggled to get a good placement. The best event for them was MDL Macau 2019, where they managed to reach the fourth position. However, since this was an event out of the Dota Pro Circuit, it didn’t mean much. Similarly, Team Aster has also remained in a similar situation. Although they did make into some Valve sponsored events, Aster has still struggled to manage some of its players.

At the moment, it is currently believed that Sccc is going to replace Kee “ChYuan” Ng. We are eagerly waiting to see how the former Newbee player is going to perform with his new team. Will he perform like before? Or will he finally prove his worth? Everything will be answered during some upcoming Dota 2 tournaments.

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