Riot Games announces the return of Nexus Blitz in LoL

LoL Nexus Blitz

League of Legends exactly knows how to keep the fans happy and satisfied. This summer, the game is bringing Nexus Blitz back as a temporary mode. The patch will have a complete improved and new look, some balance tweaks, and a lot of updates. Riot has made sure that this mode goes temporarily to the scene and will be called off upon further decision. 

Nexus Blitz

In 2018, Riot Games introduced and experimented with a game mode in League of Legends, Nexus Blitz. However, after Riot removed it from the scene, most of the fans demanded it. The feedback for the mode was quite overwhelming for Riot games but it was still not enough to make the mode a permanent part of the game. After the second time Riot put the Nexus mode in the game, fans enjoyed it even more. However, Riot finally decided not to make Nexus Blitz a permanent mode in the game but revealing it as a part of a recurring event. 

The New Map

Unlike the previous one, Nexus Blitz will be built on a new Ionian forest map. The new map is more beautiful than the previous ones and also has the best graphics. Similarly, the map is bright green and mostly provide the feels of wildlife. As the fans liked the map and the feedback was really positive, Riot has decided to keep this change permanent in the Nexus Blitz. The organization says that this is a rigid decision and the map wouldn’t be changed in the future. 

In order to promote the new map and game mode, Riot will update the rewards each player can receive after winning a Nexus Blitz map. However, a lengthy list has been provided by Riot where all the rewards and events are listed. One of the events mentioned in the list includes players battling in the bot lane of the map and playing protect the Soraka. The winner must survive and only one Soraka can live in such an event. 

Nexus Blitz Updates

Just like any other League of Legends mode, Nexus Blitz will also receive multiple updates. The modes like ARAM and URF will be bringing more updates as well. Riot says that the updates for Nexus Blitz will keep the mode fresh and balanced. 

Although fans are desperately waiting for the new game mode Nexus, Riot has still not disclosed the release date. Some of the professional analysts say that the event will launch in Patch 10.15, which is expected on 22nd July 2020. 

The Nexus Blitz is a short game mode that includes a 15 minutes map. Before any player can select a champion, a lane should be decided. Players can decide between lane and jungle. According to the decision, you enter the next phase of the map. If you chose for jungle then you will be assigned Smite automatically. However, if you opt for lane, you won’t be able to pick Smite. Similarly, each player can ban one hero as well.

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