PSG.LGD are the champions of China Dota 2 Professional League Season 2

The second season of the China Dota 2 Professional League wrapped up after nearly two months of intense action, and PSG.LGD finished the competition off with a major success over Invictus Gaming to hold their title for the second time in a row.

In the wake of upsetting Vici Gaming early and clearing Royal Never Give up, iG had some force heading into the amazing finals out of the lower bracket. In any case, LGD ends up being a predominant hostile power, winning three straight, sub 30-minute matches to dominate everything.

China Dota 2 Professional League Season 2

The Group stage of the competition was a 10-team Best-of-3 single round-robin event. Top 4 teams were to advance to the upper bracket of the Playoffs while 5th to 6th placed teams advanced to the lower bracket of the Playoffs. Meanwhile, the bottom 4 teams got eliminated. The playoffs were a Best-of-3 double-elimination bracket and the Grand Finals were Best-of-5. Locky “Ares” Williams from Australia was the official commentator of the event.

The basic prize pool for the whole competition was ¥1,500,000. The prize money was spread amongst the teams according to the positions they finished on. Teams got an additional ¥5,000 per Best-of-3 match win. The total prize money won is as below:

  1. ¥835,000 PSG.LGD
  2. ¥425,000 Invictus Gaming
  3. ¥240,000 Royal Never Give Up
  4. ¥75,000 Team Aster
  5. ¥40,000 Vici Gaming
  6. ¥50,000 CDEC Gaming
  7. ¥30,000 EHOME
  8. ¥20,000 Keen Gaming
  9. ¥10,000 Sparking Arrow Gaming
  10. Disqualified      Newbee

Newbee News everywhere

Obviously, the greatest story coming out of the CDPL season will wind up being Newbee’s exclusion for match-fixing, yet that shouldn’t dominate exactly how great LGD glanced in the ending days. 

No single player stood apart for LGD. The team played in view of just winning, prompting the vast majority of the players having tame detail lines regardless of commanding iG in the last three games. Every one of the three center players looked solid and had both total assets and harm adds up to that demonstrated how well they defeated their rivals.

The main player on LGD to have two-digit kills in a game was Somnus during his team’s biggest triumph in the third game. In that match he went 10/0/8 for 25,500 hero damage, totally overwhelming the mid path as LGD finished off a 25-1 win in under 25 minutes. 

FlyFly was the champion entertainer on iG. He opened up the arrangement with a 15/1/6 game on Clinkz, yet outside of that solitary appearing, iG looked somewhat quiet as LGD steered them. 

LGD is presently consecutive CDPL champions. Right now the team is invincible in the Chinese region. They are performing admirably at ESL One Birmingham Online and planning for a profound season finisher run in one more competition.

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