Nevada approves betting on DreamHack Masters

Dreamhack masters

In a recent development, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has approved wagers on DreamHack Masters Spring this season. This new change will allow the licensed bookmakers in the State to post and accept bets for this year’s DreamHack Masters in three different categories:

  • Head-to-Head
  • Match Winner, and
  • Overall Winner

This year’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event will see its first match played on 19th May. This will be the fourth CSGO event taking place in two months under the Nevada Gaming Control Boards’ esports assortment. As an esports contribution, Nevada’s DreakHack Masters Spring is all set to join the likes of ESL Pro League, ESL Meisterschaft, and ESL Rio Majors.

Control Board has imposed a certain number of regulatory checks onto the bookmakers living in the state of Nevada. Fulfilling the terms, the bookmakers can start accepting wagers right away. One of the main checks coming into effect is that the governing rules of the event must be available for all the stakeholders and the general public through the event organizer’s or the authorizing body’s website before accepting wagers. Moreover, the organizers should present the notification of terms to the Board before proceeding to offer bets on the event.

The regulatory requirement by Nevada

A major regulatory requirement put forward by the Control Board for in-play betting options is that they will be carried out off the table. Wagers must cease to bet before the start of each match in the tournament. It will be made sure that the rules and results leading the wagers are based on an accepted foundation and are always available to the public. Sportsbooks will get the preference for the setting of odds at the tournament.

The official bookmakers will have the leverage to offer bets that will be different from the three approved wagers type. However, it will require a new application and special approval. The notice of approval is one of the many which the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s office had in the plans in the previous months. Not only CSGO, but Nevada has also made betting exceptions for Dota 2, iRacing, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Call of Duty as well. For a larger volume of betting opportunities, the betting will be available in tournament series and the leagues, for example, Overwatch League and the Call Of Duty League.

Effect on betting markets

To sum things up, regulating betting by the Nevada Gaming Control Board is a good step. It will improve the market and the esports industry in particular. Moreover, it will engage more public interest in the game. Alongside this, it could be a major source of income both for the industry and for the locals. This could also boost the viewership as well as the quality of betting markets. Furthermore, the organizers may consider increasing the overall prize money of the event in the future.

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