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You might have heard about Fantasy Dota in the betting world. It is a feature that allows the players to create their own team. In the team, the players can choose any player within the Fantasy league and make a team compete against other players. Every team earns points by playing with other members. Mainly points are earned when a professional player takes part in the Tournament matches such as Fantasy Baseball. There are various betting platforms which allow you to access dota 2 fantasy tracker from their website so that you can earn various in-game rewards.

The Dota Plus members also earn shards as they participate in Fantasy Dota for the Dota Pro Circuit. The General information about the Fantasy Dota is provided here so that the new players can have a brief idea of how fantasy tracker works.

  • Players are free to create a Fantasy league after they purchase a ticket.
  • The players who have a ticket can participate in any number of leagues.
  • Each league can hold up to a maximum number of 10 members, i.e. 10 teams in total.
  • Once a league is created, the existing players can invite their friends to the game for a timed Live Draft so that they can select professional players for their aspiring Fantasy Team.
  • A professional player can be drafted by one person.
  • The players who can’t make up in the drafting time will be assigned to randomly selected team members.
  • The members who miss the Live Draft end up with random players which are picked by the system.
  • The players who are kicked out of their team are obliged to have a refund for their Fantasy Season ticket.
  • The dota 2 fantasy tracker system automatically matches the teams in the same league to fight against each other every week.
  • The matches are held weekly and the team with maximum points wins the round.
  • The player who creates the league is called League Commissioner and the settings and score are customized by the LC.

As there are numerous websites which provide betting services for Fantasy Dota, you will be able to access the features online with several benefits.


Each team in the tournament has up to 8 players. The Rosters can be changed once per day. And the team members are locked once they start scoring individually.


The professional players are categorized as Core and Support roles. The Core roles are players by Mid-lane, Off-lane, or carry players. The Support players are the ones who support the core players. Usually, the role of an individual doesn’t affect the scoring. But each team must have a combination of professional players by their roles. In Active Roster, 2 Core, 2 supports, and One Any role must be appointed. In addition, 3 Any players must be kept on the Bench too.

Free Agents:

Unlike the betting agents, in dota 2 fantasy tracker, free agents are the players which are not picked by any team. The teams can drop the professional players from the Roster and pick another player which is not owned by any other team. These requests are processed nightly and only one request can be active at once. If multiple teams try to pick up the same player, then the priority would be given to the team who is performing worse in the league.


Each professional player earns scores based on their performance in the game. When a match concludes, the team’s score is counted by adding the individual score of the 5 active members.

  • In the best-of-three series, the players earn points with their highest scores.
  • The player’s score isn’t affected whether their teams win or lose.
  • Stand-ins don’t earn any points.
  • Matches that are played in Premium or Professional Tournaments are counted with the player’s personal score.
  • The premium tournaments count for complete 100% points whereas the Professional tournaments are counted for only 25% points by default.

Initially, the concept of dota 2 fantasy tracker was introduced by the Valve Corporation in 2013. The Fantasy team gives an opportunity to the players to win different in-game prizes. In summary, the game works in a simple way. You enter the league by initially buying a ticket, make a new league, invite friends, and then play the Live-Draft. Then leave the rest to the system as the Fantasy League matches the players to win points against other members in the league. You can browse the games via AlphaDraft and Vulcan. ESportsPlus is already offering a $10 bonus for the members who are signing up on the account.

The gameplay is also simple. You can understand the game in 3 quick steps:

1: Pick A Contest:

The game only lasts for one day or week. You can pick the daily contest from the lobby and enter them immediately. As you are playing for free, things get pretty exciting because you can win money. You can enter as many games as you want to raise your winnings.

2: Pick One Team:

Once you’ve decided the contest in which you are going to take part, you will be able to choose your fantasy team. Stay under the money cap and look out for the players you choose to nullify the competition.

3: Score The Points:

In the game, your performance is the thing that earns points for you. You can take the winnings instantly when your team wins. You don’t even have to wait for the dota 2 fantasy tracker season to end; you will be free to get the payouts.

To enjoy the game, you will need an account with eSports. And even registration with eSports is super easy. All you need to do is to press the Sign Up button with your email and username. Pick a password and verify your email. Once you get the validation mail, you can join the betting business.

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