League of Legends: Some Of The Best Champions For Beginners

League of Legends

League of Legends was released back in 2009 and it is currently one of the biggest video games out there. Whenever someone talks about esports, League of Legends is mostly mentioned. The game has an addictive gameplay, and you will most likely know someone who plays it if you don’t yourself. In any case, it is a game everyone has heard of at least once.

Since the game was released, its developer Riot Games has constantly released various updates for it. These updates have not only improved various things in the game, but have also added new content to it. Included in this content is characters. The developers have added various new champions from time to time to keep players attached to the game, and there are around 150 characters in the game.

With so many different champions available in the game, it can be quite difficult to choose the right one. Each one has its own unique abilities, and it can be difficult to play with some of them. Therefore, if you’re new to the game, then it will be wise to stick with some beginner-friendly champions. Today, we are going to mention some of them to help you out.


League of Legends

The first champion we will suggest if you’re new to the game is Malphite. This legend is considered as one of the best ones for beginners because he’s not so difficult to handle. In addition to this, Tanks are always considered a good option for those new players who think about learning the top lane. Malphite is capable creating different builds, and his abilities are also not complicated.


The second champion on our list is Sona. Most of you already know that Sona is one of the best champions for new players. The best thing about her is that her every spell automatically locks on allies and enemies within a certain range. This means that you don’t have to worry about practicing your skillshots when using her. Although she might appear to be a weak champion, Sona can be really useful during the later stages of the game.


League of Legends

The third champion we will suggest if you’re new to the game is Ashe. It is said that Ashe is the simplest marksmen in all of League. The best thing about this champion is that she only costs 450 blue essence. This means that new players can instantly purchase her and start playing. She has an ability called Volley Shot and it is considered as one of the most straightforward abilities in the game.


The final champion we would like to mention is Caitlyn. She is easily one of the best champions for new players. This champion helps new players with learning the role of AD carry. She possesses a long range yet simple kit. Thanks to her straightforward kit and her 90 Caliber Net, new players can get out of difficult situations while using her.

All of these were some of the best champions to choose if you’re new to League of Legends.

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