League of Legends Patch 10.9 – Buffs and Nerfs

League of Legends

League of Legends has always remained one of the biggest games in the world. Developer Riot Games has done a remarkable job by keeping the game fresh and playable for everyone even after all these years. The reason behind this is that they constantly update it through which they either add new content or make different improvements. Some of the updates also include buffs and nerfs for different champions. And now, players will be excited to know that Riot has released yet another patch that is meant to improve the game.

League of Legends Patch 10.9

Riot Games has released Patch 10.9 for League of Legends and it has brought some much-demanded things. The patch has finally introduced the FunPlus Phoenix Skins. The devs previously confirmed that these skins received mixed reactions from the community. Therefore, they have now decided to let players enjoy them. Aside from this, it has also buffed and nerfed a few champions.

Judging from what the update features, it is easily the shortest patch of this year. Well, the shortest patch yet. This is because the list of champions it addresses is not that long, and the changes introduced aren’t major. In other words, the nerfs and buffs aren’t enough to make a good impact on the game’s current meta. However, top laners have the advantage now as the 10th season is favoring this role above every else.


In Season 10, Riot has been constantly favoring top laners and they have been enjoying various luxuries. They deal more damage to turrets, gain more XP, and perform better than everyone else. This is the very reason why such players are currently satisfied in the game. As for the latest patch, it has ended up giving more power to Cho’Gath and Gnar.

League of Legends

As for Chao’Gath, he has received the following changes:

  • E – Vorpal Spikes, Damage 22/37/52/67/82

For those who don’t know, the Vorpal Spikes is Cho’Gath most used skill in the game and no player can survive without it. The skill basically allows him to clear the waves, and it even lets him trade from a safe distance. In short, he makes sure that nothing interrupts him from doing what he desires. The recent buff has further increased his power as it will increase as the game progress. He is somewhat a tanky frontline now that swallows the enemies. As for Gnar, he previously used to double as a top laner and as a jungle as well. But now, after this patch, his transformation will be much more powerful.


Riot Games has nerfed jungles and support through the latest patch. To begin with, Bard has movement additional movement speed and tunnels, and the latest patch addresses them. The patch has also taken away the movement speed of Nami, and it is expected that she might receive more nerfs in the coming weeks. Trundle’s ultimate, on the other hand, has also been nerfed. Its cooldown has been basically increased. Finally, Karthus has also received a movement speed nerf.

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