League of Legends Major Tournament Canceled

League of Legends

2020 has been tough for the esports industry so far. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, almost every event and tournament has either been canceled or postponed. Countries all over the world are requesting their citizens to stay inside their homes in order to prevent the disease from spreading. And considering esports events always have a big crowd, no one can risk the health of teams, fans, players, crew, and everyone else involved. Now, Riot Games has also confirmed that they have decided to cancel one of the biggest League of Legends tournament that was meant to be held this year. In addition to this, the organizers have also made some changes to the World’s Championship.

League of Legends MSI Canceled

Everyone was looking forward to the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational. The tournament was previously postponed on March 10 because of the outbreak. At that time, the organizers decided to shift to May and July. However, now that the situation is getting worse with each passing day, Riot Games has made a big decision.

League of Legends

As per the official statement, Riot Games has made this decision in accordance with the restrictions set by the health authorities, local governments, and travel experts. They claimed that canceling the event was something necessary. This is because they want to ensure the health, safety of everyone involved in it. One thing to keep in mind here is that Riot isn’t the first company to cancel an even because of the outbreak. Several other major events, including E3 2020 has been canceled because of the same reason.

Changes to World Championship

Riot Games has also made some changes to the World Championship. This tournament is considered as one of the biggest esports events as it features a high prize pool. In addition to this, the thing which players love the most about it is that almost every top team competes in it. Now that they’ve canceled some League of Legends events, Riot has decided that they will now introduce more teams to the World Championship.

League of Legends

According to the organizers, the Worlds 2020 is now going to have 24 teams. This means that this year, we’ll get to see eight more teams. Here’s the official breakdown:

  • LPL and LEC region will feature four teams each.
  • LCK and LCS region will feature three teams each.
  • PCS and VCS region will feature two teams each.
  • CBLOL, LCL, OPL, LJL, and LLA regions will feature one team each.

How This Will Affect The Teams

Riot Games is yet to announce the dates for the World Championship. The tournament is scheduled to be held in China. However, now that the MSI has been canceled, teams will now get more time to prepare for the biggest League of Legends tournament. Worlds will most likely get held at the end of this year, and teams now have a lot of months to practice. Organizations will also get the chance to make different roster changes to make their team strong. In any case, we will have to wait and see whether things will get back to normal or not. If the situation gets worse, then the Worlds will also get canceled.

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