Kassad Explains Why He Left 100 Thieves


100 Thieves yesterday announced that Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunovic has left the team. This decision came as a surprise to many fans considering he has been a part of the team for a long time. Kassad has helped the CS:GO team with winning some big matches and has helped the new players with acquiring some amazing new skills. Everyone was expecting him to lead the team further, but it seems like he has some other plans.

Kassad Has Left 100 Thieves

The announcement regarding Kassad’s departure was made on 100 Thieves’ official Twitter account. In it, the organization claimed that after extensive discussions, they have decided to part ways with the CS:GO, head coach. The organization also appreciated the work he has done for the squad in the past few years. And also wished him the best for his future. The post left some people confused regarding why Kassad would make such a decision. The organization also didn’t reveal major details regarding why this happened. However, the coach has finally revealed the reason behind his decision.

Reasons Behind His Decision

In a tweet, Kassad talked about the reasons that made him leave 100 Thieves. To begin with, he claimed that he knows this was a surprise for everyone, but it had to be done as they were “drifting apart in more ways” for some time now. He went on to add that he was not satisfied with the progress of his team since the start of the last year. For those who don’t know, 100 Thieves’ CS:GO team has failed to deliver any promising results in the past few months.

In October 2019, fans were really thrilled as 100 Thieves was placed 2nd at the IEM Beijing. Everyone thought that the team is on the right track and will continue to dominate every other tournament. However, this didn’t happen as the results they delivered were poor, something which no one appreciated. Rather than winning, the team kept on delivering unsatisfactory results, something which bothered the head coach a lot.

Since 2020 has started, 100 Thieves has not managed to place well in any tournament. They haven’t managed to achieve a higher position than 5th in both online and offline tournaments. While talking about fixing these issues, Kassad claimed that his opinions about how to approach and solve the problems were different from the organization itself. Although things were different, the former head coach has confirmed that they have ended things on good terms. In his post, he claimed that there is no ‘bad blood’ between them and that this decision is just something towards the end of their visions.

What’s Next For Both

In any case, Kassad was a good coach and he has definitely helped the CS:GO team a lot. The organization now has a big spot to fill. At the moment, the coach hasn’t revealed what he is going to do next. He has mentioned that he is open to discussing all offers, meaning that we’ll get to see him back in action soon. 100 Thieves is also yet to reveal who they’ll hire as their next coach.

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