How Esports Betting Works

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The betting industry is something really huge. At first, people were able to go to casinos only in order to do some betting. But now, various bookmakers have established their presence online in order to allow people to bet from their homes. This is something that has not only made betting easy but has also attracted new people towards it. And at the moment, esports betting is a really big part of the betting industry. Today, we are going to talk about how esports betting works.

How Esports Betting Works

These days, betting on esports is a really big thing. At first, not a lot of people were interested in it and only a few bookmakers were offering it. However, with the rise of esports, it’s betting side is also now popular in all parts of the world. Almost every big online bookmaker has listed esports betting after realizing its potential. Not only this, but the global esports betting market is expected to be worth $30 billion by 2020. And this is only going to keep on growing further. And before you ask esports betting how does it work, here is some important information. 

How Esports Betting Works

Esports betting involves people placing bets on their favorite esports titles. What they have to do is choose a suitable bookmaker, create an account on the site, and start betting. However, while the process may seem like, esports betting is actually really complicated. If you’re only in for the fun, then you’re good to go. However, if you’re planning to get involved in it properly, then you have to learn a lot. For instance, you need to know which games are popular and who plays them well. You also need to learn about different bookmakers and the type of betting markets available out there.

Different Betting Ways and Popular Games

There are different ways to bet on esports, and you have to understand how each way works. However, the two most popular ways of betting on esports are real money betting and skin betting. Real money betting is where you are going to just use your money to bet on your favorite player. Skin betting is where you are going to use in-game currencies and items to bet.

How Esports Betting Works

At the moment, Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, FIFA, Street Fighter, etc, are considered as some of the most popular esports betting games. These games are played by millions of players daily, and they are just amazing. As for betting markets, you will find different markets for different games. However, the majority of the titles will feature the same betting markets. The common ones include Match Winner, Tournament Winner, First Kill, First Blood, etc.

Major Tournaments

Almost every popular esports betting site covers major esports tournaments. This means that you will also have to learn about every major tournament linked with your favorite betting game. For instance, as for Dota 2, The International is currently the biggest tournament hosted for it. Similarly, the League of Legends World Championship is also a really huge esports tournament.

In any case, if you’re interested in esports betting, then it will be wise to spend as much time as you can to learn how esports betting works.

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