Heroes of the Storm Betting Guide – Top Strategies

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is another masterpiece from Blizzard Entertainment. Released back in June 2015, the game is currently one of the most popular MOBA games out there. However, the developers don’t refer it to as a “MOBA” since they think it is something different with a broader play style. Over the past years, it has managed to become a really popular esports games. And today, we are going to write a Heroes of the Storm betting guide to help you understand some things.

Heroes of the Storm Betting Guide

Before we talk about the sites that serve as a platform to bet on the game, we are first going to share some Heroes of the Storm tips. These tips will help you with not making the mistakes new bettors make.

Heroes of the Storm


The first thing you need to do is learn as much as possible about the game. Even if you play the game regularly, there are going to be some things that you might not know. Therefore, research is going to be the key for you. Learn how the game is played, what its rules are, when its tournaments are held, etc. All of this might not help you a lot if you’re just in for the fun. However, if you’re planning to stay, then this is going to be secret weapon.

Study the Teams

The second thing we will suggest is to study the teams. Now, most new bettors make the mistake of just betting on the favorite or top player or team. While the top player or team will have the most chances of winning, they will sometimes let you down to. Therefore, it is best to first study the team or player before placing a bet. This will help you understand how they have been performing recently and how they perform in a specific tournament.

Stay Calm

The third thing you must do is to stay calm during the whole process. You might loose some money at the start and that’s totally okay. However, don’t make the mistake of wagering more money with the hope to recover what you lose. Most new bettors end up making this mistake, which costs them a lot of money. Therefore, don’t make an emotional decision and stay relaxed.

Heroes of the Storm

Choose A Betting Platform

The fourth and final thing is to choose a good betting platform. Since there are many different esports betting sites out there, it can be difficult for you to choose the right one. At the moment, GG.Bet, Pinnacle, and UNIBET are considered as some of the best esports betting sites that offer Heroes of the Storm. GG.Bet and UNIBET also have amazing bonuses for their new customers, while Pinnacle is only offering better betting odds. Other than them, there are some other sites that are trusted by people from all over the world.

This was all regarding our Heroes of the Storm betting guide. Just don’t overthink this a lot and start betting. Make sure to follow the above mentioned tips properly if you don’t want to loose any money.

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