Freakazoid leaves CSGO for Valorant


In an emotional unforeseen development, Ryan “Freakazoid” Abadir has reported that he has chosen to stop CS:GO to seek a profession in Valorant. While this doesn’t come as a stun, it causes us to understand the impact of the closed beta game. Valorant took the world by a tempest, beating Fortnite in viewership on Twitch, even constraining proficient players to change games.

Freakazoid isn’t the first, and he unquestionably won’t be the last. We have seen the likes of Cory (Overwatch WC), Sinatra, Tenzera, all the top players moving. The explanation is obvious – Valorant did what different games were unable to do. Even though games like CS:GO or Overwatch have a tremendous player & a fan base, it got influenced when Riot announced their closed beta on 7th April.

CS:GO experts like “Freakazoid” moving their core interest

Freakazoid was a member of the Cloud9 team that consisted of some greats like Shroud, Sean Gares, Skadoodle, and nOthing – the team that could have modified history. Although it didn’t work out, Freakazoid continued playing CS:GO with different teams. The widespread ascent of Valorant made it inescapable for players at expert level to stay with one game. His tweet was shocking and illuminating simultaneously.

Freakazoid feels comfortable around the business, and he has been with a few organizations till now. Some of which incorporate the greatest names like Echo Fox, eUnited, and obviously, Cloud9. Things now look clearer that the players need another game to concentrate on. With progressively strategic capacities, Valorant is by all accounts conveying on its unique guarantee of being the “CS:GO” executioner.

Valorant is expected to have a greater competitive base

We can’t resist the opportunity to ponder, a game that is still in its closed beta is showing dominance over some well-established names. CS:GO, Call Of Duty, Overwatch, Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, League Of Legends, every one of these games missed the mark. It appears that a serious scene is now developing for Valorant which the organizations have acknowledged as well.

Permitting players to change games from a business perspective may be a hazard. Despite that, it is a hazard worth trying, because the players are exceeding expectations at it. Riot Games have accomplished their best work with Valorant, and the serious competitive scene doesn’t seem much far off from reality. Presently, the main hold up that is remaining is for the official release of Valorant.

All the hype for Valorant now

Everything looks to be revolving around Valorant. With big names moving on there are some professionals whose time has come and gone. They will be trying to revive their lost careers as it happened back in 2016 when Overwatch was released. So this new release is what everybody is looking at even the wagers market. Till now the competitive esports scene has not been announced for Valorant yet it seems that it could create a big market for the bookmakers as well.

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