Fnatic Becomes The Best CS:GO Team Again


The CS:GO competitive scene is always thrilling as almost every team is trying to reach the top place. Since the first official match, hundreds of teams have entered the scene to prove their worth. Some of them have managed to create a name for themselves, while others disbanded because of poor performance. Despite this, we have still seen a handful of teams competing on the global stage, and it’s always exciting to watch them play. And recently, one team has managed to rise above all. That’s right, it was recently revealed that for the second time, Fnatic has managed to become the best CS:GO team in the world.

Fnatic’s Success

Fnatic has enjoyed a lot of success in the competitive CS:GO scene since the team’s formation. They have played a lot of matches and have won some of the biggest tournaments in the world. Through their amazing performance, they have managed to defeat some of the biggest teams and have ended up creating a huge fan base. Now, after four years, the team has once again managed to get ranked as the best CS:GO team in the world.


This was confirmed through the recent change in the HLTV world rankings. Fnatic swiftly moved to first place from the second one. Before this, everyone was wondering who was going to dethrone Na’Vi from the throne as they have enjoyed this place for a long time now. Over the past few months, Fnatic has been performing extremely well. In fact, they have managed to leave a lot of fans surprised by their sudden strong play. They have constantly adapted to new changes and have been adding some really amazing players to their rosters.

The Three Players

The main reason behind Fnatic’s success is the three players, Jesper “JW” Wecksell, Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson, and Robin “Flusha” Ronnquista. For those who don’t know, all three players have been with Fnatic since the start. They have spent a total of 19 combined years with the team, which is a lot. The three were a part of Fnatic’s first CS:GO roster, and has since then helped the team become one of the best in the world. Although they did switch to some other teams for some time, all three of them ended up getting back to Fnatic.


All three players have been recently playing as they have never played for any other team except for Fnatic. They proved their worth during the ESL Pro League Season 11, and everyone got to know that they just can’t be defeated that easily. Even if they sometimes lose a match, fans are still satisfied with the kind of performance these three deliver. The three have also been constantly teaching their players a lot, and are even supporting them during the worst times. For instance, a photo emerged in which JW was comforting Brollan and letting him know that it’s alright to lose a match.

What’s Next?

At the moment, fans are currently wondering who is going to take the throne from Fnatic now. Will Na’Vi managed to reclaim their place? Or is some new team going to rise this time?

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