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If you are looking for CS:GO betting predictions and advice, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Oddsloot is the home of everything you need to know about CSGO and eSports betting. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable CSGO predictors who take predictions to the next level. Here, you will get to know the ultimate possible predictions and tips for eSports betting.

The purpose of making a CSGO prediction is to analyze the results of a Team A Vs Team B tournament with high accuracy as compared to bookmaker odds. Without any doubts, predicting CS: GO tournaments require a mechanism that includes deep insight into the mechanics of the game, decision making, and strategic play. Wondering how you can make precise CS: GO predictions? Continue reading the guide to find out much more about it.

Within a CS:GO tournament, there are 2 teams, which include T’s known as Terrorists and CT’S known as Counter-Terrorists.  Each team has five players. The team Terrorists has to fulfill the aim to plant the bomb. On the other hand, the team Counter-Terrorists needs to stop doing this.

CS:GO comes with a unique gameplay mechanism that enables teams, which are losing many rounds for closing the gap when purchasing equipment. This is all done to maintain balance to the gameplay by simply assisting under-performing teams.

Let’s begin into tips to make CS:GO betting predictions you are looking for:

  • Analyze the teams

When it comes to predicting CS: GO outcomes, you can easily get caught up in the story surrounding a tournament. For instance, team A has played well at Z event, and thus, they will play well at the current event too. Team B accomplishes the victory in last Major, and thus, the team must be most liked here. Keep in mind that when outsiders perform against the most liked or favorite, they prefer different approaches throughout the match. Well, this can be a crucial part of your gameplay strategy too.

An example to try out a new strategy is Astralis use of the grenade pus across numerous different maps. In this way to aim for camping spots, they try to take out one member of the opponent team. Or this can also lower their rival’s health remarkably.

There are also other factors you need to consider such as objective control, player performance, and percentage wins on particular maps, pistol victories, and whether a team is playing outside or inside of their region.  Rather than attempting to determine every aspect of the gameplay, it can be beneficial to look for an edge in one particular area.

  • Consider roster changes

Keep in mind that considering one particular performance doesn’t provide the most accurate outcomes because a solo roaster chance can greatly affect the whole matches. For instance, Valvens positioned in Golden at Blast Copenhagen 2018.  In an unexpected turn of incidents, Cloud9 went on to beat NiP and Na’Vi. Let’s consider a situation that you consist of an individual player, who has joined team A. They have a tournament in a week’s time. Normally, you would think that they would not have enough time to join the team, and thus, would underperform.  But, it is not a case in every situation. A better understanding of the effect of roaster changes can be a helpful thing when you have to make CS:GO betting predictions.

  • The significance of maps

If you really want to make precise CS:GO predictions, then you will need to spend your time looking at the performance of the team as well as an individual player on individual maps. Even though there is no chance in the gameplay, teams do play better on some maps. Let’s take an example: Astralis team have a 100% win rate on Cache and Nuke for the last 6 months, which means that you would assume if those maps are selected, then that team have great chances of winning.

  • Understanding the individual players

Understanding the individual players can be pretty advantageous in making CS:GO betting predictions. Each player comes with a “tilt” factor, and it can occur during or before an event. Tilting or tilt is when a player reaches the stage of no return. You can research past statistics on players and teams can provide the boundary you require to avoid being a victim of tilt or tilting when you wager on a match.

CS:GO can consist of multiple events with similar teams in a month. Thus, if they performed not so well a week before, then the possibilities are they will again underperform. Wondering why? Because there will be not enough time to look for tips to enhance for winning the tournament or bounce back from the prior event.

  • Know when it’s time to take an action

Once you completely understand how the gameplay works, and what can influence the result of a match, the next step is to know when it’s the right time to make a move. Do you want to make money from your CSGO betting predictions? If yes, then you have to break down the probable results of your prediction into the likelihood, and then, do the comparison against the odds.

Let’s take an example: if you predict that team Astralis has a 68% chance of overcoming MiBR and while bookmaker odds are fixed at 59%. In this case, it is worth to place a wager.

The Final Verdict

The overall purpose of making your betting prediction is to try, confront the odds and take benefit of knowledge and awareness that goes beyond of the betting industry. Besides CS:GO betting predictions, there is also another most important factor to win CSGO gameplay, and it is choosing the right eSports betting sites. At present, there are tons of betting sites out there, and but, make sure to check the reliability, and previous historical record of the site before you sign-up on any site.

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